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Residency - by HH

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The village of Halfling Heaven is restricted for various reasons.

Although non-resident halflings are allowed to visit, an actual background which implies origins from the village MUST be applied for.

The village is a small community where every resident knows each other, sometimes all too well. It has enjoyed/suffered a rich history which all villagers would know about. (Such as the invasion of undead which killed many of the population, The gaffer pretending he was dying as a joke, Weddings, Funerals, Villagers vanishing, Explorers discovering 'once-lost' places etc..)

There are also certain beliefs instilled in the residents, such as the theory that elves don't really exist...and therefore anyone claiming to be an elf is really a longshanks (human) telling lies.

Thus i reiterate, anyone wishing to play a resident to (or from) Halfling Heaven village must apply to myself or another one of the DM team.
The option of being from elsewhere and moving TO the village is also application only, as potential new residents must be interviewed by 'The Gaffer'.


Conditions of Residency.

If applying for a family who has been in the village all along, there are some important factors which set villagers apart from other halflings.

1) All villagers inherently distrust humans (longshanks). This distrust can manifest itself in various ways, but is something instilled in them from birth. A 'Heavener' will never trust humans in general, though they may discover exceptions to the rule. (i.e. "I dont trust longshanks, but this one gave me pie and it wasn't poisoned...so he can't be all bad")

2) From birth, Heaveners are taught that Elves do not exist. Therefore, anyone claiming to be an elf, is really a human. Furthermore, Dwarves were all wiped out by humans....or so the villagers believe. Thus any Dwarves they meet, are simply fat halflings, or short humans.

3) Each villager is as important as their neighbour, and their neighbours neighbour. The village is a self sufficient community which needs every member of that community to thrive. HH village has farmers, a tavern, gardeners, guards, bakers, priests, gravediggers, druids, merchants, fisherhin (freshwater or shore only, as the sea is too dangerous for fishing boats). If any of the villagers are lost, the whole community mourns and suffers. As such, each resident must have a trade or role that benefits the community.

4) The Gaffer. He is the Oldest and Wisest villager, and he is also treated as the village ruler. He is respected by all, despite the fact he often tells boring stories which seldom sound believable. Disrespecting the gaffer is not acceptable.

5) The village location is a closely guarded secret. If any resident were to ever leave the village, they would not voluntarily disclose the location to anyone who was not trustworthy. This includes Longshanks, Necromancers, or anyone pretending to be an elf or dwarf.

6) Occasionally, a villager may decide to become an adventurer. This is very rare, seeing as the village has everything any resident could need.... and what it doesn't have, they dont want. if this does happen, it should be noted that there is no postal service.... so as far as the remaining family know... their beloved son or daughter could be (and most probably is) dead.

7) (ooc) If the character, once accepted, becomes a long running character and establishes themselves within the RP community, then one of the vacant houses may be allocated to the characters family. If this is the case, and family members are needed, it should be noted that NPC's are usable by DM's at all times. From the outset of HH village, the family members personalities and actions were always the property of the DM to a degree. For example, Barry_1066 created his character Tom Brewer and said Tom had parents who ran a tavern. I, as the builder, then created the tavern and added Toms parents, whose personalities have grown and become distinguished over the 3 years of roleplay. Tom is his character, and his parents are NPC's after all.

8 ) (ooc) Due to the fact that the village was created for the base of a campaign, the heroes/heroines of that campaign are also the heroes/heroines of the village. No resident may surpass the levels or abilities of those in the halfling campaign. This is not negotiable.

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