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Tonight, Tuesday, July 3rd 2018 - The Curse of the Lovers campaign begins/resumes.

This campaign has not played (looks up Hero's last modification date) Wednesday, ‎May ‎7, ‎2008, ‏‎4:41:38 PM.

That was 10 - TEN - Years Ago !!!

The Curse of the Lovers campign

Plays once more



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Darla and Hero, with their friends, devise a plan to rescue Darla’s loyal body guard Aven.  They meet in the Dahke village and decide to leave for the forest to plan – prying un-trusted ears must NOT over hear such plans and Dahke is full of nosy hobbits of the dark side – nothing like our rabbit pie eating fun loving, would not hurt a fly hobbits in the Shire – no no – like them at all – the Dahke hobbits worship Loki and would sell their gaffer or gammer for a few coins if opportunity presented itself.

Sandy was hanging about the table in the tavern serving the group, yes but LISTENING – using her finely hune skills.  The since of dark foreboding was real and tangible.  The decision to move off into the hard rain and endure the environment was perhaps the wisest choice, although not the most comfortable.

Ideas for releasing Aven from Baroness Zoe’s dungeon prison under her heavily guarded and fortified castle.

Invisibility, frontal assault, and other tricks were discussed but rejected and too implausible or too dangerous.  Hero said he could forge a prisoner transfer request to move Aven to Port City Tyr Temple Prison for torture.  Our new paladin of Tyr, sent to replace Devon, Piety, said she could deliver the demand, but needed proper reignment and accessories – so the first stem of the plan was cemented.

First step – travel to Far West City where the Tyr paladin school is located and gain the proper materials for Piety to pull off her deception.  Hero works on his forgery of the transfer request.

Once Aven is being moved – the group of ambush and free Aven.  Inside knowledge – such transfers have the prisoner in chains and two guards – only two are sent with such transfers.  Hero knows this from when he was taken prisoner and transferred to the Temple of Tyr in Port City for torture.

Our group finds themselves on an ocean going ship from Rosebarry headed to Far West City on the Island of Alisha to get to the Paladin School of Tyr where torture, both physical and mental is taught to aspiring paladins of Tyr. (if you are getting a feeling that Tyr is not nice – needs looking into does it not?).


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Paladin of Tyr School
Far West City
Alisha Island

Seminar to new paladin students:

What is Justice – let me tell you – we met out JUSTICE – we are the arm of Tyr and we must have JUSTICE.
So what is it?  We torture those we get our hands on – in the name of JUSTICE – we torture.

You can equate JUSTICE and torture as one in the same.

Tyr sides with the power that will give us the most JUSTICE – or – people to torture.  

So we do not always side with the people in power when someone else would give us more JUSTICE.

We sided with Prince Emeries since the former King and Queen were too slack on JUSTICE – remember, when I say JUSTICE you must also think TORTURE.

Tyr does not tolerate those slack on JUSTICE.

It is a Paladin’s duty to met out JUSTICE and that PALADIN should enjoy doing so..  Enjoy each moment and get creative in causing pain – met out justice to the accused and to the WHOLE FAMILY AND FRIENDS.

Fill our prisons – sharpen your flaying knives and practice with the Iron Maiden and rack - - put their children in different prisons and sell tickets to watch them starve.  Tyr must be appeased with JUSTICE.


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HH gave this information to the whole group - important:
((this is primarily for Ashlinns benefit, as her character has had flashback dreams of Yarryns final days since she was born. However, I am sure the rest of you would like to know what happened to the beautiful blonde elven paladin too))

Yarryn, sent back in time by the Chaos Demon named Harah, found herself at the Temple of the Gold Dragon of Anrys at a time before its destruction. Astounded by its beauty, she wandered through its halls in a state of wonder. Soon, she became aware of a lifeless body near the altar. Upon investigation, she discovered the High Priestess had been murdered. Turning around, she was confronted by a drow scout and they did battle in the temples main chamber.
The drow scout managed to flee, so Yarryn gave chase only to discover that she was on the frontline of a war which was all ready to ensue. Deciding to defend the temple, Yarryn joined the fight against drow, driders, orcs, goblins and some sinister undead creatures which made the main force of the Dark Army.
For two days she fought fearlessly and tirelessly. A human male whom also chose to fight became a trusty companion in those mere two days, and Yarryn grew closer to him than she had ever grown to a male before. When he was slain before her eyes, she felt anguish and mourned him.
Unfortunately for Yarryn, the distraction of mourning mixed with physical exhaustion proved to be her undoing and, although she continued to battle, she was soon overwhelmed by the dark army.
With her dying breath, she uttered one name..... "Daisy!"

Footage of Yarryns last days

((Yarryn Foxx's dreams are often muddled and confused glimpses of the past, but she has had them so many times that she 'thinks' she has them in order. She also knows she would recognise the Drow Scout if they were ever to meet again...... and in this game, that may be an option!))
Yarryn Foxx was reborn - that character is the companion in The Curse of the Lovers group.
Yarryn Foxx -
Yarryns real name is not pronouncable by the human tongue, but for some reason this Kyoht female has had dreams of being an elven monk since she was but a little cub. These memories which emerge in her dreamstate have coaxed her into leaving her homeland, and compel her to find the child she believes she swore an oath to protect. She uses the name Yarryn Foxx as she believes Yarryn is her 'elven name' and Fox is what the humans refer to her as.
An adept archer, she is more than a match for unwary enemies.
so - who is it The Curse of the Lovers group are rescuing:
Aven Ashallows -
The loyal guard of Baronette Darla, he was a stoic and reliable man. He never spoke of his family, but instead regarded his charge like a daughter. He never openly questioned why he was given the role of protector when there were so many other soldiers who were much better with a sword than he, but instead he took on the role wholeheartedly and devoted his life to it.
After the betrayal of fleeing with Darla, he was captured by Baroness Zoe and imprisoned. INCARCERATED
Characters in The Curse of the Lovers were not made by the players - HH made and assigned characters.
Aven is available to play - of course this will only happen after he is rescued.
Assuming the group CAN rescue him
Darla considers Aven family - there is a father daughter relationship between them and Aven is very protective.


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Vanessa the Grey Seer -
An abrupt and mysterious woman, she mixed truths with lies to lead people the way she wanted them to go. Never knowing if she was truly trustworthy or not, Darla and her friends were forced to do as she said, as Vanessa claimed that failure to do so would result in tragedy. Vanessa seemingly betrayed Darla by returning her to Fountain City, but claimed that it was a necessary course of action to prevent the death of Hero.
Vanessa allowed herself to be slain by Avens nephew, Devon. DECEASED
The mystic in  training Brandon, wracked with dreams of portent takes up the Gray Seer post in the Dahke Forest - The group will need to seek him out at some point.
Devon was called away - he has sent his only paladin companion Piety to protect the group.  Devon and Piety are an exclusive group or TWO paladins who have come to miss-trust Tyr and the Tyr temples - they suspect something is not right.

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Cue organ music.
Scroll The Curse of the Lovers banner.
Cue the Narrator.

This week on The Curse of the Lovers, Darla, Hero and their group traveled by luxury cruse ship, the Sea Sick Sea Serpent, headed for Farwest City.  

Some playful on board activities kept our travelers exercised in in good spa condition during the luxury voyage. (Honestly, the Octopus and his friends were just trying to make your voyage more enjoyable and refreshing).

Once arriving at the Farwest City Docks, the group engaged in the age old ritual of hugging the land and kissing the dock while casting found gazes at the Sea Sick Sea Serpent Cruse Ship.

There seemed to be some confusion about the location of their destination, the Paladin School of Farwest City.  After some aimless walking, enjoying the view and relaxing in the full knowledge that the playful Octopus would stay in the sea, our travelers found the school.

Hero and Darla put on their hoods as they were concerned about being recognized.  After some quite long barter, Piety (the groups Paladin of Tyr, friend of Devon) managed to get the proper reignment for the deception of prisoner transfer.  

As the group started to leave, who should suddenly, and dramatically port in – none other than Harah and her imp.  The demoness taunted both Hero and Darla, saying Darla would be caught and Baroness Zoe would have her way with her – Harah said Tyr would be pleased that justice be done and the imp corrected her saying – don’t you mean Loki?

Harah quickly countered with hush, spoilers.

Note – that this was equating Tyr as Loki.

The travelers leave the school and head to the Demented Penguin Tavern near the wharf.  Things seemed to be going well until two paladins from Port City came in – Darla, being quick witted and quick on her feet stood, walked over toward them and vomited all over the head of the Temple of Tyr of Port City.  These two would have recognized Hero and Darla and probably other members of the travelers – however with sick all over him, the head of the Temple of Tyre of Port City and his accompanying female paladin companion quickly left to clean up.

Cue organ music.
Cue Curse of the Lovers Banner

Our travelers quickly left to the luxury ship – Sea Sick Sea Serpent – set sail for Barrydale Port and relaxed with a few of the ship’s playful pets along the way – finally arriving at Barrydale.

Next Game – Will Darla or Hero be caught – Will the plan to rescue Aven work – will Daisy share her dead frogs with everyone or keep them to herself – will Ikaro insist on keeping everyone safe – will Yarren let Daisy take part in the rescue – will Professor Cogg blow off another of his legs?

Find out next episode of – The Curse of the Lovers.

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The Curse of the Lovers Campaign

We picked up our fugitive band of heros as they traveled from Barrydale Harbor to the Road to Fountain City.  Many battles were fought and a lot of history gone over.  

Why does Baroness Zoe want her daughter back so bad and she is willing to kill anyone or any number of persons to get Darla back.  

The answer bubbled up from Darla and Hero as they related Baroness Zoe’s ability to trade bodies with a young daughter to extend her life – one the trade is complete she kills her daughter who is in the older body and young Zoe inherits and becomes Baroness – as she has done for centuries.

She will have a mate and produce a daughter – any son would be killed on birth.

At a brook along the Road to Fountain City the fugitives setup camp.

Upon awaking the PLAN was set in motion – the plan to rescue Aven.

Piety, now garbed in Tyr paladin reignment took a forged (by Hero) note to the Baroness’s castle.  Guards produced Aven but unguarded and not restrained.

It quickly becomes obvious that Aven has been tortured and ensorcelled – he verbalized that he must kill Hero and return Darla to Zoe.

Members of the team, slathered, except for te wooden knocking on the cobbles of the Professor’s per leg, followed Piety and heard the ravings of Aven.

The situation was reported back to Darla who made preparations – Many restoration, spell removal and  healing spells were all deluged upon Aven as he was brought to the fugitives outside the city.

Aven was released from his curse but he was weak and in great need of recooporation.

Our heros traveled south looking for the entrance to the Wolf Woods – eventually finding the entrance, they press on inward eventually reaching the Indian Village where Princess Tiger Lily welcomed them.

Our fugitives are resting with the Indians awaiting time to plan their next move.

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