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A Strange Basket

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 Some while ago....

A dark door in a Pixie Glade slides open and a basket with a baby is pushed through the doorway.

Sounds of weeping "My darling girl" A trembling hand strokes a strand of hair from the baby's cheek.

"Leave her. The fairies here are good hearted. They'll look after her. He will not find her here"

The door slams shut mid sob.

...Some little while later

Shifu Chin Ho is in his master's dojo inventorying supplies.  The door opens and along with the cold wind comes Shifu Scoo Bi, carrying a basket in his mouth.

What have you there Shifu Scoo Bi?

Shifu Scoo Bi Doo sets the basket down "Far Ray Ree"

"A what?" Shifu Chin Ho looks down with amazement at the basket and it's astonishing contents. "A baby!", clapping his hands with delight. He bends to inspect the baby more closely. "Human! Well Well. Why we haven't had a baby here since that little gnome girl. Such a fuss everyone made when we placed her with the Willoughbys." Plucks the baby out of the basket, missing the bit of parchment tucked into the blankets, now fluttering to unnoticed to the floor. "Now who's the lovely baby waby ", coos. "Lets find a nice warm place to tuck you up. No need to bother Sensai, Shifu Scoo Bi, if you go to the Village to get some goat milk we'll" turns back to the baby "Have you all feddy weddy up."

Shifu Scoo Bi raises an expressive eyebrow but heads out of the monastery to the Village

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