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Cults of the Land

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The Ancient Temple of Anrys


Anrys was an ancient elven word for dragons. The Anrys clerics and monks lived many centuries ago in a once lavish culture which centered around the religion. The culture knew nothing of good or evil, instead accepting that an individual may choose from many paths in life.


Clerics and Monks were said to adorn themselves with the color of their guardian dragon. It was also rumored that these individuals also tended to adopt characteristics of the dragon although this has been put down to hearsay and legend.


In fact the entire religion vanished from the world centuries ago and has slipped into tales and mythology. Some claim that the worshippers of the dragon never really existed, whilst others claim that they still worship in secret cults by moonlit vigils.


The Anrys were closely linked with several other religions, notably Sune Firehair, Mystra and Loki amongst others. It is interesting to note that the Sune temples also vanished around the same time. Historians claim that the Sune temple was destroyed by an invasion of a dark army, and they speculate that this may have been the same fate as the Anrys. Sceptics say that neither religion truly existed in the first place.


Anrys was reputedly a purely elven religion which stems from pre-recorded history. Although classed as a religion, there is no worshipped deity. In actuality, the Anrys are more of an ancient elven cult that reveres dragons.


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