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Latest Beamdog EE Update - Today

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Hello Players:

This update is barely out of the box and I have discovered some - ahhhhh - features (What Microsoft calls Bugs).

DM - you can no longer see the blue transition triggers, nor do they work for you as they once did - you MUST enable see triggers and use the radial menu to the 9 o'clock position or is it 10, anyway the option to activate.

These SAME, once blue, transition triggers NO LONGER SHOW FOR PLAYERS.  Players must mouse over a trigger to even see it - shows then in a turquoise translucent color and the little stone arch with the arrow in the middle curser shows up. 

This means that transitions will be much harder to find.  I have already been working on placing map notes at transition points in the world but this is an ongoing project that will not be completed for a LONG time, due to the number of areas in the world, over 2000, and many areas have multiple entrances and exits.

This is just the tip of the iceberg since i found this in seconds.  This may be intentional by Beamdog but it IS A PROBLEM and I am not OK with it.

Link to Beamdog Bug Report: https://support.baldursgate.com/issues/37473


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New Log In Information:


Note the number of people on the server is NOW how Beamdog wants to order the default listing - NOT alphabetical.

Click on the box - Server Name - and you will get this listing, below:


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