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Down town Chula Vista California ca 1970s has a magazine store – one of those holes in the wall lined with publications of every kind – an interesting place. One day I was browsing in the fantasy section and noted three little booklets – D&D a pencil and paper fantasy role play game.

Well now – I asked the proprietor about it and he knew nothing except that it was just published and he thought to have it in the store – looked interesting.

I thought about it and finally got D&D and got started creating my own world. AD&D did not exist yet.

Annakolia was drawn on four sheets of square graph paper.

Charissa and I played together from the beginning – and a module was published by TSR – B1. This of course was added to Annakol.

My studies in medieval music kept my interest in medieval fantasy.

Annakolia started in 2002 – it was up only for a few hours at a time with games being run with friends. Once Halfling Heaven merged with Annakol (another story) we went 24/7.

I have a Doctorate in Medievel Music Performance and Organology – some of my music performances are in Realms of Annakolia.

My favorite edition of D&D is AD&D 1st edition.

I dislike monks – don’t fit in Medieval European fantasy – they are Asian/Oriental. I wrote to TSR and complained about their inclusion in 1st edition, as did many many others, and they were removed in 2nd edition. Wizards of the Coast stooooooopidly put them back. Anyway they are in NWN so I have accommodated them.

I was asked to be on the CEP team many years ago and then handed the leadership which I retain to this day.

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