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A conversation on the Annakol North Road

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Jania Priestess of Mielikki: [Talk] Do you wish some items from the temple store or healing?

Luli Steinhammer: [Talk] The store please

Dimestus Timalar: [Talk] LULI!

Dimestus Timalar: [Talk] *jumphugs Luli*

Luli Steinhammer: [Talk] *hugs back* Good ta see ye *cloak gives off an air of fire and brimestone*

Dimestus Timalar: [Talk] How's it goin', Luli? *big smile* Did ya guys found a new home yet...? *sniffs* What's that smell? Did you went to hell or something?

Luli Steinhammer: [Talk] *looks weary and a bit sad*

Luli Steinhammer: [Talk] Moria.  Lookin’ fer Orin

[NeoRebel] Dimestus Timalar: [Talk] ... oh.

Luli Steinhammer: [Talk] Not there *sighs* A lot of his friends were hang' oot there

Dimestus Timalar: [Talk] And I bet you gave them one big whoopin'!

Luli Steinhammer: [Talk] *hefts her hammer* Steinhammer took care o them *nods with a grim smile and finally a reluctant laugh*

Luli Steinhammer: [Talk Oh , aye

Dimestus Timalar: [Talk] Don't worry, Luli. One day, we'll all have another shot at him, and end this whole mess once and for all.

Luli Steinhammer: [Talk] *scratches at a bite* lot o' big spiders doon there

Luli Steinhammer: [Talk] Aye, I hope so. How hae ye been doing?

Dimestus Timalar: [Talk] Oh, pretty fine. But I got my own share of godly trouble as well. ... ...

Dimestus Timalar: [Talk] Nowhere near as bad as your clan, but let's say I... oh man, where do I start this...? *scratches head*

Dimestus Timalar: [Talk] *blushes heavily*

Dimestus Timalar: [Talk] *opens mouth. closes it. scratches back of the head.*

Luli Steinhammer: [Talk] *shrewd look* A girl?

Dimestus Timalar: [Talk] Well, yyyyyes, she's a girl. *blushes even more*

Luli Steinhammer: [Talk] So trouble. Her family doesn't approve?

Dimestus Timalar: [Talk] Y'know... it's Glory.

Dimestus Timalar: [Talk] The goddess of goblins.

Luli Steinhammer: [Talk] Ah *imitates a fish with her mouth*

Luli Steinhammer: [Talk] I canna think of a thing ta say ta that

Dimestus Timalar: [Talk] We're... kinda getting along.

Luli Steinhammer: [Talk] Ye canna trust the gods. Fickle and heartless

Luli Steinhammer: [Talk] *takes a deep breath* Yer young

Luli Steinhammer: [Talk] I dinna like ta see ye hurt

Dimestus Timalar: [Talk] B-B-But she does have a heart! I'm sure of it! It... It just needs to go to the right place. She just wants to protect her people. ... But her people wants to kill us! .... It's complicated.

Luli Steinhammer: [Talk]  Even wi' the best hearted o' the immortals *sighs*

Dimestus Timalar: [Talk] *sighs in unison*

Luli Steinhammer: [Talk] Well now, aren't we a pair

Dimestus Timalar: [Talk] ... heh.

Luli Steinhammer: [Talk] Meddlin' wi' gods when we could be sittin' by the hearth

Dimestus Timalar: [Talk] I know right

[NeoRebel] Dimestus Timalar: [Talk] But you know what?

Luli Steinhammer: [Talk] Well I never were one fer hearth sittin',  What?

Dimestus Timalar: [Talk] I don't think we would be quiet in our corners anyway. *grins a bit*

Luli Steinhammer: [Talk] Aye *laughs quietly, then heartily*

Luli Steinhammer: [Talk] Yer right.

Dimestus Timalar: [Talk] It's kinda fun when we meet kindred spirits, and then we adventure together.

Dimestus Timalar: [Talk] Ok, take the "kinda" out. It -is- fun.

Luli Steinhammer: [Talk] Well I could a adopt at wait til they attack positon wi goblins fer yer sake, But i've not met many willin' ta say hello first

Dimestus Timalar: [Talk] It's my last option. I don't want it. I don't like it. But if they shoot me, I have to shoot them back.

Dimestus Timalar: [Talk] That's no different with any race. Be it goblins, humans, orc or whatever.

Luli Steinhammer: [Talk] I wouldna say too much aboot goblins ta other dwarves that dinna know ye. It's in oor blood.

Dimestus Timalar: [Talk] I know. That's why I have to turn a blind eye more than once.

Luli Steinhammer: [Talk] hmmmm *doubtfully* Maybe that's a human outlook, But I'll give it some consideration

Dimestus Timalar: [Talk] Thanks, Luli. I was about to say that I don't think that much, but... ... well, those were some quite musing thoughts.

Luli Steinhammer: [Talk] That Pelig fellow is one that goes against instinct so I'll try ta keep on open mind

Dimestus Timalar: [Talk] Ooooh, I know him. He's a pretty cool kobold! A coolbold!

Dimestus Timalar: [Talk] ...

Dimestus Timalar: [Talk] ... ERGH, THAT WAS HORRIBLE!

Luli Steinhammer:  *Laughs heartily*

Dimestus Timalar: [Talk] Well, I guess I'm going to rest a bit. Sun is rising, and if Prime doesn't find me in my bed, I'm gonna hear an earful for the rest of the day.

Luli Steinhammer: [Talk] Aye. Best ta keep peace in the family

Luli Steinhammer: [Talk] I'm just passing' some things on ta Jania and the temple I picked up in Moria

[NeoRebel] Dimestus Timalar: [Talk] *hugs Luli* Yours too. And tell Grit to take a bath!

Luli Steinhammer: [Talk] Oh, aye *returns the hug*

Dimestus Timalar: [Talk] Hehe~!

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