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Applying for the Campaign

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Time and date to be decided based on players schedules.

This is a renewal of a very old campaign story with a rich history  Those players still with us will certainly keep their characters - if they do not wish to be in the campaign they will advise me and I will put the character up for reassignment.

Here is the list as it is now:

Characters for the campaign:

Aven Ashallows - last played by Sparky1479 (available for reassignment)
Baronette Darla Drowbane - played by charissa1066
Hero Sharpe - played by Barry_1066
Brandon Steele - played by Wolfgang1066
Daisy Meadows - played by Athena
Ikaro - last played by Raven of Dispersion (available for reassignment)
Devon - last played by Mairie (available for reassignment)
Professor Cogg - played by Mkmddx
Yarryn Foxx - Last played by Ashlinn (available for reassignment)


Post in this thread your interest - character choice and please make sure you have read the entire other thread with the character descriptions.

There are nine player characters - only 4 are currently available for application.

If someone wishes to create another character - write up a proposal or talk to me privatly about possible choices.
The Wolf Gang has helped previously - a child from the Wolf Gang may be a good fit
The brownies and pixies have also helped in the past - one of these could be a good fit
Some other possible characters are needing discussion privately so as not to reveal plot issues publicly.

And now a note about The Wolf Gang.  The area where The Wolf Gang live is odd - odd in that children who go there or have been there, never grow up - never grow old - stay youthful and a child forever - one could call it Forever Land or Never Grow up Land or shorten it to Never Land if you like.

No one knows how old the gang of children living there actually are - they seem to have always been there. 

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