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Characters past and present

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The Curse of the Lovers

Here is a quick rundown of the characters, past and present.

Iain/Sarabeth -
A cleric of Diana, Iain/Sarabeth were two lovers who were cursed into occupying the same body. Neither aware of the others continued existence, they strove to find their true love once more. However, once in a while the personalities and physical forms would switch. The group encountered both Iain and Sarabeth, but were unaware that they were in fact the same person.
Sadly captured by the Baroness, both Iain and Sarabeth are presumed dead. DECEASED

Aven Ashallows -
The loyal guard of Baronette Darla, he was a stoic and reliable man. He never spoke of his family, but instead regarded his charge like a daughter. He never openly questioned why he was given the role of protector when there were so many other soldiers who were much better with a sword than he, but instead he took on the role wholeheartedly and devoted his life to it.
After the betrayal of fleeing with Darla, he was captured by Baroness Zoe and imprisoned. INCARCERATED

Vanessa the Grey Seer -
An abrupt and mysterious woman, she mixed truths with lies to lead people the way she wanted them to go. Never knowing if she was truly trustworthy or not, Darla and her friends were forced to do as she said, as Vanessa claimed that failure to do so would result in tragedy. Vanessa seemingly betrayed Darla by returning her to Fountain City, but claimed that it was a necessary course of action to prevent the death of Hero.
Vanessa allowed herself to be slain by Avens nephew, Devon. DECEASED

Yarryn An Telamar -
An elven monk of the Anrys order, Yarryn An Telamar took upon herself the duty of protecting a small halfling girl who had been afflicted with some type of 'disease'. The monk swore to protect the girl until such time that a cure could be found and that she may be returned to her family.
Once involved with Darlas 'gang', Yarryn An Telamar proved to be a threat to Baroness Zoes chances of recapturing her daughter. In an unusual sequence of events, Yarryn An Telamar was sent back in time by a Chaos Demon named Harah, and died fighting in the original Drowbane Wars. DECEASED

Baronette Darla Drowbane -
A booksmart girl, and only daughter of the Baroness Zoe, she was kept within the castle for her entire life. Once she gained her freedom, she has proven to be both a wealth of information and yet a naieve girl unaware of the realitys of the world. Rapidly coming to terms with the fact that books may only teach knowledge, but life is based upon experience, Darla is caught in a day-to-day struggle for her own life. A talented musician, Darla can lighten the spirits of even the most disheartened.

Hero Sharpe -
A common street-thief and opportunist, Hero first saw the Baronette when he was fleeing her castle after stealing the silverware. Diving from the battlements into the rocky seas below, he also managed to steal Darlas heart. Once nothing more than a vagabond, Hero is proving to be a brave and devoted companion to Darla. Hero has proven to be the most versatile of the group.

Brandon Steele -
Once the Grey Seers Apprentice, Brandon has been forced to live without his guardian since she was slain by Devon. Unaware if he is the new Grey Seer or not, he has focused his learnings upon ice magic. Still a child, this boy has had to grow up very quickly.

Daisy Meadows -
Daisy was run over by a stampede of cattle and her life was almost at an end when a mysterious cleric suggested he could heal her. The healing worked, but since that day Daisy has not been quite 'right'. Now a sinister girl with a mixture of childlike innocence and morbid tendencies, she has shown amazing powers over the dead. When seen by high powered clergy, most have turned away from her in horror. It is unclear what they have seen about her which repulses them so.
Recently, she has lost the flesh from one arm, and sprouted demonic blue wings.

Ikaro -
A cleric of Benthar, and one of Darlas newest companions, Ikaro was a witness to the murder of some Fountain City guards for which Aven Ashallows was blamed. Ikaro knows that the allegations about Aven and Darlas companions is untrue. Since that day, it has almost seemed as though Benthar himself has steered Ikaro's destiny toward Darla.
Also in posession of a once lost relic of Benthar, named Benevolence, Ikaro follows the path set out for him by his god.

Devon -
A paladin of Tyr, and nephew of the convicted Aven Ashallows, Devon was initially employed by the Baroness to find her daughter and to kill (give justice to...) her companions. Once Devon met Darla, he soon became aware that all was not what it seemed. He vowed to continue the path that his uncle had once devoted himself to, and protects Darla without question.

Professor Cogg -
Professor Valance Electron Cogg 'was' a reknowned inventor, forced into teaching by a series of unfortunate events. But as Prof. Cogg was to discover, those unfortunate events did not stop once he became a tutor at the Golemworks. On the contrary! He was often left to run the Golemworks when Professor Henthar went on one of his many 'trips abroad' without warning, and in one of these periods the Golemworks was attacked and taken over by goblins under the instruction of Baroness Zoe. As the other tutors and students were all led to a ship in shackles, Prof Cogg (as the remaining senior staff member) was forced to stay and reprogram all the golems to follow the goblins command. How was Cogg supposed to know they would attack the King and Queen?
Now the emergency is over and Professor Cogg is exiled from Gnomar for re-programming the Golems. On a mission to prove his loyalty to Gnomar, the gnomish disaster area is forced to accompany Darla and her companions. Maybe he will prove to be a luck charm, though whether that luck is good or bad.... that remains to be seen.

Yarryn Foxx -
Yarryns real name is not pronouncable by the human tongue, but for some reason this Kyoht female has had dreams of being an elven monk since she was but a little cub. These memories which emerge in her dreamstate have coaxed her into leaving her homeland, and compel her to find the child she believes she swore an oath to protect. She uses the name Yarryn Foxx as she believes Yarryn is her 'elven name' and Fox is what the humans refer to her as.
An adept archer, she is more than a match for unwary enemies.


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