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Holy Liberator -Updated 2018-

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The Holy Liberator is a holy warrior, a distant cousin of the paladin, who is dedicated to overthrowing tyranny wherever it may be found. These champions of freedom and equality are strong-willed, independent-minded, and virtuous.


- Hit Die: d10

- Proficiencies: Light Armor, Medium Armor, Heavy Armor, Shield, Martial Weapons

- Skill Points: 2 + Int Modifier

 -Skills: Concentration, Craft (all), Discipline, Heal, Lore, Parry, Persuade, Ride, Taunt

-Attack Bonus growth: Full (Fighter)

-Saving Throws: Cleric

-Primary Attribute: Wis



Feats: Iron Will

Skills: Persuade 5 ranks

Other: Base Attack Bonus 5, No Evil Alignment




1: Divine Grace, Divine Health, Lay On Hands, Hardiness vs Enchantments

2: Smite Evil, Detect Evil, Arcane Defense: Enchantment, Lesser Planar Binding

3: Remove Disease, Turn Undead, Still Mind

4: Slippery Mind, Planar Binding


6: Greater Planar Binding


8: Gate



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