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Temple Raider -Updated 2018-

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A Temple Raider is a specialist in raiding the tombs of anything from fallen kings to the common farmer. Some temple raiders do it for the kick, others to take out undead presence in the tombs. Some draw power from a certain god, some just draw on power from the gods in general. Regardless all are versed in the skills of trapping and opening locks.


- Hit Die: d8

- Proficiencies: Light Armor

- Skill Points: 6 + Int Modifier

 -Skills: Bluff. Concentration, Disable Device, Discipline, Hide, Intimidate, Lore, Move Silently, Open lock, Parry, Pickpocket, Search, Set Trap, Spellcraft,

-Attack Bonus growth: Mid (Bard/Rogue)

-Saving Throws: Bard

-Primary Attribute: Dex



Skills: Disable Trap 4 ranks, Open Lock 4 ranks, Search 8 ranks

Other: Base Attack Bonus 4, No Lawful



Each level, a Temple Raider gains spellcasting levels as if he/she had leveled in his/her primary divine spellcasting class.



2: Sneak Attack

3: Uncanny Dodge I

4: Luck I

5: Sneak Attack 2

6: Uncanny Dodge II

7: Luck II

8: Sneak Attack 3

9: Uncanny Dodge III

10: Luck III


The Luck I to Luck III feats are all in effect base bioware feats. It should be noted that if a character already has the base bioware feat they will not receive the class feat. The Luck feats are in effect the following base feats:

Luck I: Lucky

Luck II: Luck of Heroes

Luck III: Deneir's Eye


Sneak Attack

The sneak attack feats of this class will stack with Rogue class sneak attacks. They will however, not stack with Blackguard sneak attacks. The used sneak attack feats are those of the Blackguard class out of the assumption that the combination of this class with Blackguard will be much less likely then the combination the Rogue class. If a combination between this class and the Blackguard class would be made the player would only gain the sneak attacks from one or the other class, not both.


Spell Progression

Spell progression as the primary (or some cases both primary) spell casting class(es) requires some explanation. First of all there is no option to choose new spells when leveling in the prestige class with this ability. This means that even though the character will in theory gain higher level spell casting slots (or uses) they will need to learn the actual spells in other ways. In the case of wizards this can be done through scrolls, clerics and druids learn spells automatically and bards and sorcerers will need to level up in their primary class to learn new spells.

The next thing of note is that this ability allows the character to gain spell slots/uses. The class will not increase the caster level of spells, which is calculated based on the primary casting class(es). In other words, even though the character gains spells slots/uses his spell power will generally be lower than that of a pure class character of similar level.

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