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Summoner -Updated 2018-

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A special breed of conjurer, Summoners are dedicated to the summoning of creatures. They specialize in a certain summoning area.


- Hit Die: d4

- Proficiencies: None

- Skill Points: 2 + Int Modifier

-Skills: Appraise, Concentration, Craft (not trap), Discipline, Heal, Listen, Lore, Persuade, Search, Spellcraft, Spot

-Attack Bonus Growth: Low (wizard)

-Saving Throws: Wizard

Primary Attribute: Int






1: Summoner Focus, Summon Creature II 1/day

2: Summon Creature III 1/day

3: Summon Creature IV 1/day

4: Summon Creature V 1/day

5: Summon Creature VI 1/day

6: Summon Creature VII 1/day

7: Summon Creature VIII 1/day

8: Summon Creature IX 1/day

A Summoner focusses their summoning powers upon a specific area of expertise.

Ever-Changing Chaos of Limbo:

Limbo is a place of pure chaos where everything is in constant motion and change, especially the landscape, which can shift unpredictably and randomly rolls over upon itself like liquid. Very few places in Limbo are stable enough for normal travel. It is home to the slaadi and other creatures of chaos like the Chaos Dragon.


1: Red Slaad

2: Blue Slaad

3: Green Slaad

4: Gray Slaad

5: Death Slaad

6: White Slaad

7: Black Slaad

8: Chaos Dragon


Scorpions are aggressive insects that carry a deadly poison in their stingers.


1: Scorpion

2: Slimey Scorpion

3: Black Scorpion

4: Red Scorpion

5: Giant Scorpion

6: Giant Slimey Scorpion

7: Giant Black Scorpion

8: Giant Red Scorpion

Giant Spiders:

Aggressive, nightmarish predators, Giant Spiders first trap their prey within their webs, then subdue them with poisonous venom.


1: Giant Spider

2: Phase Spider

3: Dire Spider

4: Wraith Spider

5: Sword Spider

6: Bloodback Spider

7: Redback Spider

8: Ice Spider



Chaotic and destructive, Mephits come in many shapes and have a wide range of abilities. Most are drawn from the various Elemental and Quasi-Elemental Planes.


1: Air Mephit

2: Earth Mephit

3: Fire Mephit

4: Ice Mephit

5: Ooze Mephit

6: Dust Mephit

7: Salt Mephit

8: Steam Mephit

Magical Books:

A magical book flies around as if alive and is often capable of powerful magical spells.


1: Book of Minor Magic

2: Book of Minor Buffs

3: Book of Minor Summons

4: Book of Afflictions

5: Book of Fireballs

6: Book of Shadows

7: Book of Major Buffs

8: Book of Dispel

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