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Totem Druid -Updated 2108-

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The Totem druid focuses himself on the protection of the animal part of nature, learning more about the ways of the animals. One can only truly know what another is like when one has walked a mile in his shoes. The Totem Druid takes this very literally by learning how to shift into many an animal.


- Hit Die: d8

- Proficiencies: -

- Skill Points: 4 + Int Modifier

-Skills: Animal Empathy, Concentration, Heal, Hide, Listen, Move Silently, Search, Spot, Craft (all)

 Attack bonus growth: Mid (Bard/Rogue)

Saving Throws: Druid

Primary attribute: Wis


Feats: Druid Wildshape, Skill Focus Animal Empathy

Skills: Animal Empathy 7




1: Critter Wildshape

2: Land Wildshape

3: Snake Wildshape

4: Feline Wildshape

5: Magical Wildshape

6: Critter Wildshape 2, Land Wildshape 2

7: Snake Wildshape 2

8: Feline Wildshape 2, Magical Wildshape 2

Critter Wildshape:

This gives the Totem Druid the ability to change into small woodland creatures. A ferret, a raccoon, a bunny, a mink and a wolverine are the shapes that can be taken.

Land Wildshape:

As the bond to the animals of the land grows the Totem Druid gains the ability to shift into other creatures, namely the Longhorn Bull, the Goat, the Sheep and the Doe.

Snake Wildshape:

The snake, one of nature's deadliest predators. Not due to their great strenght or incredible powers, but due to their venemous teeth. The Totem Druid has now mastered this form and can take the form of a Forest Viper, a Desert Viper, a Jungle Viper and a Swamp Viper.

Feline Wildshape:

The shadows move silently and between the trees a glimps of the mighty feline predators can be seen. Now the Totem Druid can join them in the shadows as he gains a Tiger, White Tiger, Lion and Jaguar shape.

Magical Wildshape:

The magic of the lands runs strong in some beasts, making for sometimes unusual yet magical creatures. Among those are the Owlbear, the Krenshar, the Razor Boar and the Blink Dog. The Totem Druid can now take their shapes aswell.


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