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Winter Witch -Updated 2018-

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The Winter Witch is not necessarily a witch, or even female. However many of them have been named such by local farmers and peasants. In truth the Winter Witch is merely a specialized spellcaster, focusing on ice spells.

Note 1: The Winter Witch casts spells on either charisma or wisdom. The highest of the two stats is used to determine if a spell can be cast or not. All spells list the base ability needed to cast them.

Note 2: The Winter Witch uses Ice Power to cast spells. Your amount of Ice Power increases as you gain more levels in the Winter Witch Class. All spells list how much Ice Power they cost.

Note 3: Due to their icy nature Winter Witches are immune to cold spells but do take more damage from fire spells.

- Hit Die: d5
- Proficiencies: Weapon Proficiency Wizard
- Skill Points: 4 + Int Modifier

Skills: Concentration, Craft (not trap), Heal, Intimidate, Lore, Spellcraft, Spot, Taunt,
AB: Low (wizard/Sorcerer)

Saving throws: Sorcerer

Primary attribute: CHA

No Spell progression
Feats: Maximize Spell
Skills: Spellcraft 10 Ranks, Concentration 10 Ranks

1: Ice Power 1
2: Ice Spike
3: Mass Ray of Frost
4: Water of Faith
5: Ice Power 2, Frost Cone
6: Covered in Ice
7: Ice Servant
8: Ice Storm
9: Inner Ice
10: Ice Power 3

Ice Power
Ice Power is the source of the Winter Witch's power. Every spell cast takes uses from this common pool. When the pool is empty no more spells can be cast.
Using the power directly results in a beam of ice shooting at the enemy.

Ice Spike
Required Ability: 12
Ice Power Cost: 2
A spike of pure ice shoots from the caster's hand at the target, causing cold damage to the target.

deals 1d4 points of cold damage per level (maximum od 5d4)

Mass Ray of Frost
Required Ability: 13
Ice Power Cost: 3
As the normal mages toy around with their Ray of Frost cantrip, the Winter Witch has taken the spell to a whole new level. This variant of the spell will fire many rays at the enemies of the caster. As spell but Colossal radius

Water of Fate
Required Ability: 14
Ice Power Cost: 3
The Water of Fate is a fluid much like water, only with magical properties. When casted the caster creates a small vial of ice around this water that will burst on impact. The water will then splash out and damage those near it. Large Sphere AoE

Frost Cone
Required Ability: 15
Ice Power Cost: 4
The Frost Cone is a cone of the coldest ice shooting straight from the caster's hands at its enemies. It deals ice damage to all within its reach.  Damage = d6(nCasterLevel)*2;

Covered in Ice
Required Ability: 16
Ice Power Cost: 5
The caster can cover either a melee weapon, an armor, or a projectile with pure ice. This causes those touched by the item to suffer some cold damage and a chance to freeze, which will lower their movement rate. d6() + ((Level) + nAbility2) / 3);

Ice Servant
Required Ability: 17
Ice Power Cost: 6
The caster can call upon a creature of pure ice which will serve its master unconditionally for the duration of the spell.

Ice Storm
Required Ability: 18
Ice Power Cost: 10
This spell calls down huge shards of ice upon the targeted location or creature dealing both blunt aswell

as ice damage. Everyone in the area takes 3d6 Bludgeoning and 2d6 Cold damage.

Inner Ice
Required Ability: 19
Ice Power Cost: -
By reaching inward the caster can regain part of their Ice Power, but such is a dangerous procedure. It will leave the caster vulnerable to physical damage for 10 rounds, making them take 75% more physical damage when hit.

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