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Wind Sniper -Updated 2018-

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The Wind Sniper, and individual with a strong tie to the winds that circle around all in this world. Utilizing the winds for his arts with the ranged weapons.
Many ranged fighters are focused upon shooting, rather than hitting. This is not the case for the Wind Sniper who sacrifices attacks for a better aim.

Note 1: The Wind Sniper uses Wind Power for all its abilities. Each ability uses 1 Wind Power. If you are out of Wind Power you can no longer use any abilities.

- Hit Die: d8

- Proficiencies: Weapon Proficiency Martial and Simple, Armor Proficiency Light and Medium

- Skill Points: 4 + Int Modifier

Skill: Concentration, Craft(not trap) Discipline, Heal, Hide, Listen, Move Silently. Search, Spot, Tumble

AB: Unique

Saving throws: Bard

Primary attribute WIS

Feats: Improved Initiative, Weapon Focus: Longbow or Shortbow or Light Crossbow or Heavy Crossbow or Sling
Skills: Concentration 7 Ranks

1: Wind Power (5 uses), Wind Guided
4: Riding the Wind
5: Wind Power (15 uses)
6: Whispers of the Wind
8: Wind Shrouded
15: Wind Power (30 uses)


Wind Power
The wind power is the essence from which all the powers the Wind Sniper has, are drawn from.
The power can also be used directly to enchant a stack of projectiles or to unleash a wind gust.

Wind Guided
By activating this ability the Wind Sniper sacrifices all attacks but one and gains an increase in hit chance and damage for the duration of the ability.
This ability can only be activated while a ranged weapon is equipped, when it is unequipped the effects will go away.

Riding the Wind
The Wind Sniper can use this ability to quickly disappear and reappear over a short distance.

Whispers of the Wind
The Wind Sniper listens to the sounds of the wind all around him, allowing him to 'see' what awaits him up ahead. While the Wind Sniper is listening to the whispers of the wind he goes into a meditative state and cannot act in any way. If he is damaged the state will be broken and that wind sniper will be able to act freely once more.

Wind Shrouded
The Wind Sniper can pull a shroud of wind around him making him less visible for the unwary eye.

Coding isn't completely clear on feat benefits will have to check and report back

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