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ShapeChanger -Updated 2018-

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Shapechangers are variants of the druid class. However, the shapechanger is not called shapechanger for focusing on many forms, instead the shapechanger focuses on one form. Shapechangers have, often willingly, let themselves get infected with lycanthrope and through concentration and focus strive to control the disease and use it to their own benefit. They take the form of the Werewolf and as they advance along their path gain in strength.

- Hit Die: d8

- Proficiencies: -

- Skill Points: 2 + Int Modifier

Attack bonus growth: Mid akin to Bard or Rogue

Saving throws: Monk

Primary Attribute- Strength
Feats: Druid Wild shape, Blooded (first level only feat), Improved Initiative, Resist Disease
Skills: Concentration 7
Other: Neutral, Neutral Good or Neutral Evil Only

1: Cold Resistance 1, Partial Skill Affinity Listen, Werewolf Shape 1
2: Partial Skill Affinity Search
3: Darkvision, Partial Skill Affinity Spot
4: Skill Affinity Listen, Cold Resist 2
5: Werewolf Shape 2
6: Skill Affinity Search
8: Greater Werewolf Shape 1, Skill Affinity Spot, Cold Resist 3
10: Werewolf Shape 3
11: Magical Werewolf Shape 1, Greater Werewolf Shape 2
12: Cold Resist 4
13: Keen Sense
14: Greater Werewolf Shape 3
15: Magical Werewolf Shape 2

Will get actual stats for each Werewolf shape soon

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