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Lawful Neutral Dieties of the Land

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Anubis - Lord of Death


Anubis is typically depicted as a man with a black jackals-head, holding a crook shaped staff or wand and a set of scales.


He was once seen as a powerful Ruler of the Underworld, Guardian of the Book of the Dead, Embalmer and feared God of Death. However, Osiris took the title of Ruler of the Underworld from him; Isis stole the Book of the Dead and power of embalming, and left Anubis with the role of collecting the dead and bringing them to the underworld to be judged by Osiris.


Anubis is now nothing more than an Alishan version of the Grim Reaper. When he collects a soul, he weighs its heart upon a scale with the feather of guilt upon the other side. If the heart is heavier than the feather, he destroys the soul. If the heart is lighter than the feather, he takes the soul to Osiris for judgement.


It is said that Anubis still seeks the Book of the Dead, so he may regain his lost powers.


Anubis followers must take the Death sphere of clerical spells.

Whereas Anubis, as a loner, has no real enemies or allies... It is fair to say that his followers bear some resentment to Osiris and Isis for their parts in the fall of the Jackal-headed Gods power.


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