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Traveling Merchant -Updated 2018-

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The Traveling Merchant is an essential part of any society. They provide rare items and oddities that the normal shops don't sell.
The Traveling Merchant possesses a number of trade secrets to help him conduct his business and keep away from danger.

- Hit Die: d10

- Proficiencies: Weapon Proficiency Martial, Simple and Exotic, Armor Proficiency Light and Medium

- Skill Points: 8 + Int Modifier

-Attack Bonus Growth: Mid- akin to Bard or Rogue

-Saving Throws- Monk

-Class Skills: Appraise, Bluff, Craft (all) Heal, Hide, Intimidate, Lore, Persuade, Pickpocket, Taunt, Tumble, Use Magic Device

-Primary attribute: Charisma
Feats: Skill Focus Appraise

1: Merchant's Secret
4: Temporal Suitcase
8: Gold Toss


Merchant's Secret
The Traveling Merchant has a few tricks up his sleeve. This ability will allow him to turn any item into coins, thus saving the trouble of having to carry all of it around.
The amount of coins an item can be turned into depends on its value and the level of the Traveling Merchant. CAP 2000+100 per level

Temporal Suitcase
Merchants always seems to carry around a lot more then they seem to be able to carry. The secret of that lies with the Temporal Suitcase, a magically created suitcase that is very light weight, and everything stored inside will be rendered weightless.
However, the Temporal Suitcase is only temoral and will disappear after a time, at this time the items stored in it will magically reappear in the bags of the inventory of the Merchant.
Only one suitcase can be active at the same time. (Timer 3600, unknown if minutes or hours) (mine has yet to disappear)

Gold Toss
The Traveling Merchant isn't a splendid fighter, yet still he is not powerless when waylaid by bandits. Many creatures can be distracted by some gold. Also, gold can be quite painful when it ends up hitting you in the head. Cost CR*100 gold creates Greater Sanctuary around you and target *More testing being done to check for other effects*

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