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Akari Hachijou

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* Nickname(s): Living Weapon, Mistress of the Fist

* Species: Human

* Height: 5'5"

* Weight: 130 pounds

* Age: 18

* Occupation: Martial artist. Formerly an assassin-in-training.

* Alignment: Lawful neutral

* Birthplace: Tarowa

* Marital Status: Single

* Distinguishing Features: her "distracting" form-fitting outfit

* Known Relatives: She remembers none

* Religion: none

* Weapon of Choice: her bare hands and feet. She IS the weapon.

* Quirks: emotionless, stoic, focused at the task at hand. Still discovering "social manners". Doesn't understand a joke even if it's drawn in front of her.


Long ago, there was an order in Tarowa, the Order of the Shadow Fist, raising and training children in the art of combat, in case of conflicts and wars. But the peaceful land never suffered such fates, and the order was disbanded. Akari didn't even have a name until then, because "a weapon doesn't need a name, it only exists to fulfill its purpose".


She needed no feelings. She needed no emotions. She only lived to fight. And nothing else. And, when her order was no more, she, for the first time ever, felt confusion.


Consulting her former Grandmaster, she asked for a mission. She didn't understand the concept of 'freedom'. The old man, realizing the girl needed a reason to live, gave her a name, and a mission.


She should, through the Spelljammer, depart to Galandar and make acquintances... friends. Out there, also, there were great evils, where her abilities would be necessary. And, finally, find her own reason to live.


She was still bewildered and confused, but accepted the mission nonetheless without batting an eye. The girl, now named Akari, departed to Galandar. Confident on her abilities, she faced the orcs who lived at the foothills of Bane Mountains...


... and she was soundly defeated. Retreating, barely making her way back to the North Road, she felt lots of emotions for the first time as well. Mostly "fear" and "frustration".


But then, some time later, she joined a group of boisterous adventurers and, together, they prevented the High Priest of Dagon from freeing the dark god. Akari's expression didn't denounce her true feelings after that accomplishment.


"Happiness". "Pride". "Satisfaction". That big, yet single achievement, awoke a new spirit on the Living Weapon. A new resolve.


Looking at her fist, she silently swore to protect her new home and her new friends. And she resumed her training, more determined than ever. She still isn't the most social person in the world, but she'd rather let her fists do the talking. Akari will protect her friends, through thick and thin.

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