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Dimestus Timalar

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* Nickname(s): Dime

* Species: Human (but he plans to change that)

* Height: 5'0"

* Weight: 94

* Age: 12

* Occupation: Being THAT NOSY KID... I mean, explorer, adventurer, alchemist, thi-- rogue.

* Alignment: Chaotic good

* Birthplace: Fingar

* Marital Status: Single

* Distinguishing Features: being really short

* Known Relatives: Primestus Timalar, Sinestrus Timalar (older brothers)

* Religion: is a follower of St. Marcus AND Glory (strangely, the former sees no problem with the latter. Maybe because Dime is more than a Glory 'follower'...)

* Weapon of Choice: his trusty bow Illusia (which he swears he got in a dream) and, recently, his Tarowa-forged katana Nirvana

* Quirks: immature, naive, curious and stubborn... but trustworthy, loyal, agile and crafty when situation calls for it


Dime knows very little of his 'childhood' (actually his time as a baby). All he knows is what his brother Primestus told him; his family ran away from Fingar to try a new life at the Southern Annakol. Only Primestus and Sinestrus could make it, with Dime in Primestus' arms. His parents were not so lucky. To this day, Dime has a soft spot for orphans, being one himself, and visits the orphanage near Sunbird Manor every now and then.


While Primestus dedicated himself to the order of Tyr and started to fight alongside the elves, Dime decided to take his own route to adventure himself. Lockpicking his own door, he left when his brother was out, took the first map he could find and went straight to Tharbad. There was only one problem, thought: Dime was reading the map upside-down. He was in the middle of nowhere, when he found a certain group of halflings.


From there on, his life changed forever.


He got the adventures he so desired, one more difficult than the other. Helped the aforementioned halflings to find their home, Halfling Heaven. To this day, he fights alongside them against the evil Slick. Annoys Baroness Zoe to no end. Learned alchemy at the Miskatonic University. Once even fought side by side with the Steinhammer Clan, helping them against the evil newfound god Orin. Explored other worlds! Not to mention his pet purple dragon, Tackle and his pegasus, Cloud. ... and approached Glory, the goblin goddess, who looks like a girl of his age. There's no hostility between the two. In fact, Dime and Glory seem to be closer to each other day by day. If that will be Dime's damnation or Glory's salvation, only time will tell.


Angry and hesitant, not even Primestus could turn a blind eye to Dime's accomplishments. Relutanctly, he accepted the adventurer ways of his younger brother, and then, occasionally, they go to the spelljammer together, see what lies ahead in the universe. They even got extremely fascinated by Tarowa's culture, and their house is a reflection of that.


Dime's personality changed little since he started his adventurer ways. He likes exploring new places, and hanging around with other adventurers. Even his 'rivalry' with Prime's friend, Canon, isn't to be taken seriously: he loves annoying him, but if the push comes to shove and Canon is in trouble, Dime will probably panic and rush to save him.


He also does his possible to estimulate new adventurers. He can be often found at Sidonia's School, observing the newcomers. If a new adventurer starts training there, there's a big chance that Dime will be there to teach them the ropes.


Dime's opinions about almost any PC (and most NPCs) he'd met so far.

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