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The resurrection of RoA....

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Beamdog has announced that they will be releasing Neverwinter Nights: Enhanced Edition "soon". It will be updated to run on modern machines, with server authentication, a server list, and backwards compatible with mods. This provides us with the opportunity to once again provide a home for people who enjoy quality roleplay.


We have created a Steam group for discussion and live chat.


We look forward to serving you once again!

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I have the beta NWN EE and am hosting the server 24/7 at this time. Malishara and I are planning some additions of MMO style quests and seasonal quest series. We are designing some faction reputation systems with quests using a coin based monetary system for the faction reward stores.


Standard gold will still be used for the existing stores but the special things that will be most desirable, these will ONLY be available from the faction stores and those coins only earned in small quantities through quests.


with more than 2000 areas to explore, we wish to encourage exploration - many quests will be to find something in areas that will require some travel and effort to obtain, as well as exploring areas - not just running through them.


I hope to make activities players find interesting and worth their time when DMed games are not being played.


Hope to see you all in game soon.

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