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Chaotic Evil Dieties of the Land

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Loki - The Mischievous


Loki has emerged as a deity across the entirety of Galandar in many forms. Some consider Loki to be nothing more than mischeivous, wheras others deem Loki to be highly chaotic and evil. This spread in opinions is, in itself, typical of Lokis nature who seems to be surrounded in many contradictions.

One such contradiction is his or her appearance. Loki is typically thought to appear as a middle-aged to elderly male with black hair and beard. However, Loki has also appeared as a beguiling woman, again with flowing black hair, lending support to the idea that Loki is in fact female. However, to further the confusion, Loki is depicted by the Dahklings as a Halfling Child of indeterminate gender, though once again the hair is long and dark black, sweeping over the eyes.


Whatever race or gender Loki appears as, his/her realm is always mischief and/or outright chaos. Loki seldom appears to followers or answers their pleas, choosing instead to send one of his many Chaos Demons to speak on his behalf. One such Demon goes by the name of Harah and is alledged to be his/her daughter.


Loki has, throughout history, held several alliances with other deities.... but has betrayed them all. It is alledged that, due to these betrayals, Loki is in hiding and fearful of being found by the likes of Kebunam or Tyr.

Current enemies include Kebunam (who Loki tried to kill), Tyr, Talos and Saint Marcus.

Loki has no allies, due to the fact that all previous allies were betrayed to some extent.


The most famous of Lokis betrayals was when Loki and Kebunam waged war upon Tyr. Loki saw the opportunity to rid the 'World of Gods' of the self-righteous Tyr and one of his/her greatest and fearsome rivals, so fled the battlefield when Kebunam expected support. Lokis plan failed when Kebunam escaped Tyrs might, and changed his focus to hunting down Loki for all eternity. Some have laid claim that Tyr allowed Kebunam to flee, as it brought an ironic sense of justice onto Lokis shoulders.


Lokis followers may choose from any school of cleric spells, however they MUST select the trickery domain as their primary domain. They tend to also be adept at lies and deceit (high bluff skill). Both Loki and his/her followers have a tendency to avoid direct confrontation, preferring to trick or persuade others into doing their will. It is not unknown for Loki clerics to use their secondary domain to pass themsleves off as a cleric of another deity. Thus, it is possible to find Loki clerics sometimes in high positions of different (and opposing) temples.


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Lolth – Demon Queen of Spiders, Weaver of Chaos


Lolth the Spider Queen is cruel and malicious, constantly plotting to ensure that the strongest and most cunning of her followers rise to serve her; all spiders are sacred to her and to kill or harm one of her children is an offence punishable by death.


Symbol: A black spider with the head of a female drow hanging from a web.


Clerical Domains: Death, Destruction, Evil, Magic, Trickery.


Portfolio: Chaos, Darkness, Deceit, Murder and Evil.


In times past the goddess Arushnee inspired the Dark Kindreds to battle in wars not of their making, in a rising tide of hatred the Drowbane wars raged in ages past and the blood of elf and human alike spilled in great lakes upon the eastern lands. As the struggle became darker, more insidious and evil, the drow and their goddess turned to blacker and crueler arts and these aspects were manifested in the Demon Queen.


At length the strength of the dark kin was spent and, mocked as they retreated, they fled unto the depths of Galandar; there in the Underdark they brooded and, in time, built the Great City of Erelhui-Cinlu and rekindled their strength. In the darkness the militant mind of the Drow was bent upon the darkest aspects of their goddess and the power of Lolth grew great; it is in the might and the terrible beauty of the Demon Queen that the drow seek their dominion.




The clergy of Lolth are most entirely women though males may rise, on occasion, to other high office in her service; though such service may often prove treacherous and brief.


Lolths clerics prey for the darkest and foulest of magic before retiring or after waking from trance; the Demon Queen requires regular homage in prayer and in sacrifice of the blood of faithful drow or captured foes. Dark ceremonies are performed monthly at the time of the full moon – a deliberate affront to the Seldarine.


Her priestesses hold high regard within the militant drow and upon the streets of Erelhei-Cinlu they are obeyed almost without question by it’s citizens; powerful and quick to anger punishment for disobedience may swift and destructive.


Lolth is most frequently found in the form of a giant black widow spider though her form may be changed to that of an extremely beautiful drow female; these two forms may be combined to produce a giant spider with the head, and at whiles the torso, of a beautiful drowses.


The Demon Queen is a presence to be feared.


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Talos, the Destroyer


Talos is the destructive force of nature. He is the god of storms, forest fires, earthquakes, tornadoes, hurricanes, and general destruction.


Symbol: A clench, mauled fist amid a stylised tornado or an ice encrusted great axe.


Domains: Air, Destruction, Strength.


Portfolio: Cruelty, stubbornness and loyalty, cold, despair, pain, suffering and winter,


Talos is usually encountered as titanic, bellowing laughter in the heart of a gale. Sometimes the laughter is accompanied by two eyes like giant blazing coals, which are surrounded by swirling maelstroms of air, in urban areas Talos more often manifests as two fist-sized, swirling storm clouds.


Talos is both feared and revered by those most often must risk his wrath and sailors, in particular, to placate him.


Talos attracts the destroyer, the raider, the looter and the brigand among his followers. His actions often seem petty and vengeful and are frequently motivated by rage, anger and the desire to not appear weak or compromising in any way to his followers.




The followers of Talos believe that life is a combination of random effects and chaos such that the devout should grab what they can, when they can, as who can say when Talos will strike and bring them into afterlife.

While there may be benefits in co-operation with others it is, ultimately, ones own prowess that (and responsibility which) will ensure the survival of ones self and family.


To enter the priesthood, initiates must undergo a ritual exposing them to the Judgement of Talos wherein they must seek alone the pelt of some great beast while enduring the extremities of the gods rage.


His priests wear long coats of brown and white, and almost all manifest qualities of cruelty, stubbornness, pragmatism, and loyalty - traits favoured by the god and cultivated in his followers; the favoured weapon of these clerics is the great axe both for its utility in cutting down trees and for its heft and deadly swing in combat.


It should be noted that clergy of Talos enjoy destruction and arm themselves heavily to bring it about while wielding the most destructive of magic at all times.


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