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Well...Im new here and just redownloaded NWN for the third time in 5 years. Decided to give NWN another go, found this server but it seems that no one has been on in the past 2 days. Plus on top of that I'm having a bit of trouble getting on to the server. SO if anyone could help me out that would be great.

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Welcome to the server DevilDriver.


Yes, server may seem a little empty sometimes, as playerbase for NWN isn't huge, even smaller for RPers.

But, there's always atleast few times when people are guaranteed to be on, with propably best for you being weekly feisty chicken game on saturday, 23.00 GMT +0. There's always some of us on there, looking forward to seeing you ingame.


What problems are you having? If you can describe them, I'll do my best to help with it.


Regards, Demolicious

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All files needed: http://www.annakolia.org/ann_dl.html


First things first, you need Neverwinter Nights Diamond edition.

Download latest patch and patch your game before installing any haks, CEP or anything. (1.69)

Install newest version of CEP

Download Annakol full hak set

Download all updates(just to be safe)

First extract Full hak set, then patches in order from oldest to youngest.

Place .hak files into hak folder, .tlk files in tlk folder. Folders are located in your Neverwinter Nights folder


.hak and .tlk are file types, so if you can't see them after file's name, you need to anable your computer to show file types


If everything went correctly, files are now installed, and you're able to log into server.


If problem proceeds, post error messages you're receiving here, and I'll have look at it.


And to answer your question, leveling is mechanic wise same as in normal NWN, but you're not supposed to go grinding for xp. So don't expect to powerlevel your character to 20+ in few days.


Hope you're able to solve any issues you have with files.

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