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How to Play on Realms of Annakolia

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Playing on RoA is free.

The owners and Game Masters/Dungeon Masters (DMs) make no profit from the game. Our Game Masters (DMs) are volunteers. Donations go towards running the forum and maintenance of the game server.

Donations are voluntary.

To play on Realms of Annakolia you need BioWare's Neverwinter Nights Diamond Edition. The owners and DMs of Realms of Annakolia make NO profit when you buy the game. We are not employees of BioWare. We DO NOT endorse any store or merchant selling Neverwinter Nights.

How to play on Realms of Annakolia:

Purchase Neverwinter Nights Diamond Edition. An Internet search will find sites where you can buy it for less then $25 U.S. As long as the seller provides you with CD key, used games are fine. Be careful that you get Neverwinter Nights ONE (1) Diamond Edition, not Neverwinter Nights 2.

BioWare links to places where you can buy the game.



  • Install Neverwinter Night on your computer.
  • Enter the CD Key (Usually found in the game manual)
  • Go to the Realms of Annakolia download site -- http://www.annakolia.org/ann_dl.html
  • Download: Annakolia Full hak set (rar) for 1.69 (5/30/2010)
  • Download: Annakol Update (05/30/2010)
  • Download: CEP 2.3 on the NWN Vault
  • Optional but recommended: Annakolia Full Music Package

After the downloads are complete:

  • Extract the rar files.
  • Place the hak files in the NWN hak file folder.
  • Place the tlk files in the NWN tlk file folder.

Final Steps:

  • Start the game
  • Create a player name and password
  • Select Play
  • Select Multiplayer
  • On GameSpy look for "Annakolia CEP" under Role Play or Direct Connect to IP:
  • Create your first character
  • Log on and join the fun!



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