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Character name: Licios

Class: cleric/wizard

Race: human, male

Description: Slighty taller than normal human, slim build that makes him look taller than he is, pale skin, silent

Personality: sarcastic, usually serious, distrustful

Age: 27


Licios doesn't remember his family. He was given at young age to a "remote monastery admist snow-filled mountains", as he describes it. There he was to be trained as cleric, and that's the only place he remembers of his homeland.

It had been tradition is his family, so he was told, to give one child of each generation to be trained as cleric, and so fate had chosen him. At ege of no more than six, he started his training under monastery's elders' watchful eye. His teachers soon noticed his intellect and curious mind, and after he was taught to read, he spent many hours within monastery's vast libraries. Mostly he seemed interested in books regarding old tales, those that told of magic, but was not as eager to learn history of his homeland, rarely even opening historybook unless forced. Not all of his time was as pleasant though, as his teachers seemed to find chores for him around monastery's halls, mostly when he was busy enjoying himslef, wether it was burrowing trough library, or digging tunnels and building snowmen outside.

As he grew older, he had to start his combat training, to better defend himself and those who could not, he was usually told. This did not let him neglet his other studies either, so Licios learned to enjoy few free moments he had. Though most clerics tended to favour blunt weapons, such as maces and hammers, in combat, he found his chosen weapon in greatsword. Though he trew himself into combat training just as eagerly as he committed himself to study of clerics' divine powers, he never truly listened his teachers ramble about his task as defender of justice.

Years passed, as boy grew into a man. Training was hard, but fulfilling, and Licios learned to enjoy the harsh climate around the monastery, often hiking for days around the mountains. He grew used to cold, though long hours in dark libraries and cold climate slowly turned his skin pale.


Still his training continued, and he would have finished soon, were it not for strange twist of fate.

There were parts in library that only greatest of monastery's masters were allowed, and even a question of its contents found him additional chores, "to keep his mind where it should", he was usually told.

Still, forbidden library seemed to call him. Sometimes, he thought he could hear voices in the darkness, calling him, begging him to come. Finally he gave in, and as night fell and everyone was sleeping, he rose from his bed and headed towards library. It seemed strange, monastery cloaked in darkness, only signs of life being loud snoring that drifted from monks' chambers. As he descended stairs leading to library, whispers seemed to appear again, guiding his way even deeper, descending into forbidden library.

As he passed te final doorway, pull seemed to grow stronger. Here, in eternal darkness below the monastery, sense of being called grew, as if something spoke to him from library's halls. These halls had been always sealed from all but oldest of monks, and the presence felt closer here. He was terrified, but the call grew louder and he couldn't resist. It seemed as if darkness guided him as he walked, finally revealing ancient pedestal in farthest reaches of lightless halls. And there lay a single book, black as night itself, it's silvery ornamets forming five-pointed star, mark of arcane.


Use of arcane magic had been forbidden long ago, and only divine powers of clerics was allowed to be used. Anyone else suspected dealing with magic was dealt swiftly, and permanently.

Still, Licios could not turn back anymore. Voices, now once merely a whisper, now seemed to scream in his mind. But as his hand touched the book, everything went silent. Much later he realized source of voices. Enchantment placed upon the book, to call someone capable of understanding what was written within, to ensure this knowledge would not be lost. He knew none of this however, as he slowly opened the book, his hands trembling as he started to read its content.

Days passe, and every night Licios sneaked into forbidden libraries, his eyes devouring anything he could read, his mind filling with possibilities. How wrong everyone had been! There was nothing evil in this knowledge, but it could benefit everyone. Surely they would understand...

Too late did he hear footsteps behind him, and voice speaking words of divine power. Before he could turn, world blackened n his eys.


He was imprisoned for days, while masters argued about what to do with him. Everyone, even himself, knew the answer ofcourse. It had been taught to him on one of his first studies of clerical magic. There was no redemption from what he had done, only way out was banishment. Long days in his prison gave him time to think of everything he had learned. He had trusted these people like family, but still they had betrayed him as soon as his deeds conflicted with their beliefs.

As his time came, he had made his decision. As guards dragged him to his trial, he made no attempt to defend himself, knowing it would be of no use. After trial, his punishment was set in motion: to be banished from this land, this world.

He was cast across the void between worlds, send to drift trough reality, to either land on lands unknown, or drift there for eternity. Luckily, his destination was Annakolia.


After these events, Licios renounced his faith to all gods, choosing to accept his fate and devote his life to powers he had found. His trust to others shattered, broken man now wanders lands of Annakolia. Never has he spoken name of his home again, and even rarely speaking of events that led to his current situation.


From first glance, few would believe this to be his story, but even if his face remains untouched, his eyes reveal deep scars that his experience has left on him.

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