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Ganden Pandorn

Detailed World Lore

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There is a lot of history/world information, however not all is published. Some is for DM eyes only - some is just not written in any readable form and some is still only transmitted by verbal account due to all of us being too lazy to take the oodles of time required to write it down.


There is a timeline stretching back some five or six thousand years at least describing some major world events and where they fit in time. I thought those use to be available for download - however the server is now TEN years -- ACTUAL 10 years IN REAL TIME - and such things, although they may be up and about - i certainly don't know were at the moment.




I will try and find them and point them out, however at the moment i am getting ready for USFSA Mid-sectionals for my Son Wolfgang and have zilch time for anything else, mostly - and won't until done - i have not even been able to play in two games i never miss and DM one game i faithfully DMed for the last ten years.


I hope to get back to playing and DMing when the madness is over (National Figure Skating Competition for 2011) - but 2012 season will start -- however completion season does not start until August so yes training but time may be found.


So, until them i hope others will help find the materials - and if not on line i will do my best to post them.

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I used to have that timeline somewhere... probably on my old laptop. I am half expecting it's pretty outdated by now as we made it like 7 years back. But most major events should still be accurate, there's probably just a lot of stuff missing. I'll see about firing up my old laptop sometime and looking around for that timeline.

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