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When Posting a game log, please take the time to remove time/date stamps and battle report info. It makes the log a great deal easier to read.


Also, please be courteous and ask permission from those that are RPing with you if they mind you posting the log. They may want to see the log before it's posted to fix any misspellings, grammar errors, etc.


Have fun posting.




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Since removing time/datestamps can be tedious, you can download the NWN Log Viewer from the NWN Vault at this link: http://nwvault.ign.c....Detail&id=1045 You need Net.Framework 2.0 but that is included in most recent iterations of Windows.


Which will make the whole process painless. There used to be an online chat log parser but a quick search could not locate it. I'll try my other bookmarks and post here if I find it.


Online parser can be found here: http://www.tilansia.com/logparse.php

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Additon of online log parser
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