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Sol Arbriel

Mac OSX Lion

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The newest version of Macintosh OSX Lion has recently been released by Apple, Inc.

!!Neverwinter Nights for Macintosh is NOT compatible with OSX Lion and so will not work!!

I can continue to play with you all as usual as I have Windows XP Pro on another internal hard drive, which I can boot into using Bootcamp.

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You should stop pussy-footing around and say what you really think.

Perhaps this will be a roaring success and purr like a finely tuned kitten but then it is too early to tell.

I know you cannot wait to sink your claws into the Lion.

Looks like you were poised to pounce upon its release.

Then again - Apple has had it LION around their shop for a while.



Stop being so catty.


CHEESE -- I need to get a much bigger cat box now.

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