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Sol Arbriel

Guild WEars Beyond Storyline

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War in Kryta is the first storyline of Guild Wars Beyond. It includes a series of one-time quests, exclusive items, and repeatable quests. The events begin with the player as an observer to seemingly minor events and end by the player participating in an epic battle to defend Kryta from invaders.


There are two ways to go through the War in Kryta content: following an overarcing quest or without the quest. Regardless of which route you take, your character must have access to both Prophecies and Eye of the North and have completed at least one. The quest-method is quicker: it allows the player to skip some dialogues and encounters; it also directs you through each step. The do-it-yourself method gives the player a richer view of the events leading up to the conclusion. Each method has its own walkthrough.


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