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*pulls Aunika out of the moth balls*

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*stretches almost violently* Oy! 5,000 years will give you such a crink in the neck! ~Genie, Aladdin


Been nearly 6 years since I've played regularly. I don't even think HH will recognize me HA! Only noa's mild-tempered, good-natured mega character can hold at level 16 for almost 5 years! I miss ya all, so I'm comin back.....and there's nothing you can do about it :-P


*instantly grovels at the feet of the omnipotent DM's* Just....dont kill her, k?

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But killing you is one of my favorite past-times... You can't just take that from me!


Good to see you again. Welcome back.


Oh alright, but just this once! help me find her house and we'll make it twice!! :)

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