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The Night of One Thousand Golems

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Gnomar is under seige. Reports of the catastrophe are sketchy, but the an influx of refugees from Gnomar confirm that something horrible has happened. One witness reported that a "Big Evil" had taken out 1000 golems in one night.


"We had to get out of there!" She said. "When the golems failed to stop it, there was nothing we could do."


When asked what this big evil is, she merely shook her head, shuddered, and turned away.


This reporter managed to locate one refugee who gave this ominous description.


"Taller than an old dragon and with a face from your worst nightmare." He said, "It has tentacles on it's face. I saw good gnomes go raving mad when it looked them in the eyes."


A handful of adventurers volunteered to investigate. They left the Feisty Chicken Inn, headed for Gnomar a few days ago. There has been no word from them since.

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