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Sol Arbriel

Royal Wedding in England

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Dear fellow Annakolians,

I am posting details of the upcoming Royal Wedding of HRH Prince William, K.G to Miss Catherine Middleton.

One or two of you had asked me when the wedding is to take place and yes I am ashamed to have answered incorrectly.


Friday, 29th April, 2011 at 11.00 a.m, London in Westminster Abbey.

This is the correct date and time of the event.

This does make me wonder if there's to be a royal wedding in RoA??


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Might be but if so - well those involved are not so grand and happy persona as in England - this would be a wedding of HRM King Emeries and the Baroness Zoe who is interested in power.


Emeries has put her off knowing full well what she seeks and once married his life would be forfeit however, the Baroness is not without powerful magical persuasions as well as having a certain god on her side who might/might-not see fit to help.


These wedding rumors continue to surface ever so often but so far nothing has come of them.

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