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Lady Phoebe LaCroix

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Basic Information


* Nickname(s): None

* Species: Human

* Height: 5'9"

* Weight: 180

* Age: 25

* Occupation: Priestess

* Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

* Birthplace: Northern Annakolia

* Marital Status: Single

* Distinguishing Features: Pale skin, tattoos, scars.

* Known Relatives: None

* Religion: Aisha

* Weapon of Choice: Whatever is handy

* Quirks: Cold and Aloof




Phoebe was the only child of a family of minor nobles in Northern Annakolia. She was an odd child, never really fitting in with the children of her parents friends. She was nocturnal from a very young age, and was never interested in playing games with children her age, or learning the politics of court.


About the only thing she found joy in was the beauty of the night, and in reading books. She called no one her friend, and had prepared herself of a life of cold isolation (but not giving up the life of privilege she was born into), until she came across what would become her most prized possession; a book on Aisha.


She embraced most of her teachings, but was far too selfish to fully embrace evil. She dedicated her life to her service, much to her parent's dismay. While they may have participated in the shady politics games played by their fellow nobility, they were horrified in her choice and threatened to disown her.


Phoebe knew this should have horrified her and caused her pain, but she found it amusing. She packed up a few items, and left her port town setting out for a new life.


She was kind enough to leave them a parting gift though. She poisoned their favorite wine and delighted to find out later they had both died by literally choking to death on their own blood.




To call her cold and aloof would be an understatement. She was raised as a noble, and sees people as pawns to be moved across a board for her own benefit. If someone does her a favor, she becomes determined to repay them as quick as possible, less they have something to hold over her head.


The contradiction to the above is that once someone has earned her trust (which is not an easy task), she is fiercely loyal to them and will protect them to the best of her abilities.

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