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Fiesty Chicken Innkeepers Returned Safely

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Authorities are investigating the recent abduction of Lino Dias and Fiona O'Day, owners of the Feisty Chicken Inn. The incident occurred in the tavern and was witnessed by patrons. Thanks to the efforts of their dedicated customers, both Mr. Dias and Ms. O'Day are happy to be home after a frightening ordeal.


"It was all sudden like," One witness recalled. "There I was enjoying my usual brew when everything went black. Benthar's Beard, I couldn't see the mug in front of my face!"


Mr. Dias and Ms. O'Day had vanished when the darkness cleared.


"It was horrible!" Waitress Mala Ashby said. "I suspected that strange man from the moment he walked in. Thank the gods, Lino and Fiona are home safe."


The inn-keepers were bound, gagged, and carted off. The kidnapper made it as far as Finegar before the rescue party caught up. It is rumored that Northern sympathizers perpetrated the abduction, because so many "heroes come from the Feisty Chicken".


Ms. O'Day reported, "That awful man said Lino and I were to be executed in public."

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