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Haunted House/DM Spookiest Room Challenge

DM Spookiest Room Challenge  

9 members have voted

  1. 1. Vote for your choice of the Spookiest Room

    • 1. The Stunningly Beautiful Child Room
    • 2. The Doctor Bloodroot's Apartment
    • 3. The Skeleton Dining Room

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Three rooms from the Haunted House are in the Challenge. Vote for your favorite. After voting is closed the DMs will be revealed and the winner announced. The winning DM will be featured in an interview on the forum. In-game the winning DM will be recognized in the Entry Area.


I will post some screen shots of the rooms later today.


Voting will be open until 6 pm EST, Sunday October 24.


SEE BELOW -- Voting Extended!

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Voting is closed. We have a tie! Now the DM artists will be revealed:

  • Room 1. Stunningly Beautiful Child by Athena Meter 3 votes
  • Room 2. Time kill all... Skeleton Dining by Flamecrow 2 votes
  • Room 3. Doctor Bloodroot's Apartment by Mike (mykkal) 3 votes


All three rooms were magnificent. The voting was close, there being only one vote difference between Room 2 and the tied Rooms 1 & 3.


Congratulations to all the DMs for their masterful art. Congratulations to Athena and Mike!

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