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New Grand High Sorcerer in Tharbad

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New Grand High Sorcerer in Tharbad


The Tharbad Mage Council announced that the position of Grand High Sorcerer has been filled by Master Mercon Havensworth, a long time respected member of the Tharbad community.

A spokesman of the Tharbad Mage council was able to tell us that they have great hopes for the development of the Sorcerer's Council under the adequate leadership of Master Havensworth. The position of Grand High Sorcerer has been kept vacant since the arrest of the former Grand High Sorcerer Rainor, who was arrested and is currently in prison awaiting a charge of treason against Tharbad. Rumour has it that he tried to get Tharbad involved in the war effort between the North and the South for reasons unknown. For over a year the position of Grand High Sorcerer was kept vacant to calm and sooth the internal relations within the Sorcerer's Council; where Master Rainor was a much respected and greatly liked persona.

Annakol Gazette was able to discover that the former and the new Grand High Sorcerer have a history together, having clashed with one another back in their early years on multiple occasions. As such we could not help but wonder if that history would not create more tension within the ranks of the Council. When asked the Tharbad spokesperson informed us as followed: "The position has been unfilled for too long and we have the greatest confidence in the capabilities of Master Havensworth. As for your question, what mage has not had a friendly fireball fling with one of his peers in his youth?".

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