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What Happened at Griffon Manse

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Talk in the taverns in and around Annakol centers on the recent death of Leonard Raventower.


"Griffon Manse is cursed. I tell you!" A serving wench was heard to say. "I mean, even healers couldn't help him!"


"Yeah, just look at how long it's been empty," One middle-aged man responded. "Ghosts, has to be ghosts!"


A heavily muscled dwarf looked up from his mug at another table. "It weren't no ghosts!" He shouted. His slurred speech made it clear that he was not working on his first mug.


"What was it then?" The middle-aged man challenged.


"Can't say... Don't know." The dwarf mumbled something unintelligible into his ale. "I just know, it weren't no ghosts!"

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