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Beatrice Bernkastel

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Character name: Beatrice Bernkastel

Classes: Wizard/Mystic

Race: Human


Background: Raised by a rich family in Roseberry, Beatrice came to Annakol to investigate the whereabouts of an old friend. After her investigation came to an end, despite the result, the rich lady found interest in adventures, and decided to estabilish permanent residence in Annakol City. Often bored, Beatrice takes pleasure in, besides adventuring, drinking wine and writing poetry.


As for her (mystic) powers, Beatrice doesn't know how she acquired them... nor does she care, as long as they remain useful. Once a student of the arcane arts, Beatrice resumed her magical training when started adventuring, to complement her new-found abilities.


Interests/Goals: Besides her new "hobby" (adventuring), she still considers herself a member of the high society, and is actually pursuing an aristocrat or even a nobility title.



Current campaigns: None at the date of this post.

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