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Found 1 result

  1. Spell Mastery System when a spell is cast an algorithm is figured and a die rolled (the higher your mastery, the harder to gain a new point) if the conditions are met a point of spell mastery is awarded - 0.01 The range is 0.01 to 100.00 At 4 interval enhancements to the spell take place at these points: - 25.00 - 50.00 - 75.00 and 100% Enhancements are custom for each spell Some spells might be longer duration or more damage or more missiles or whatever is the nature of the spell to enhance. Spellcasters gain power and duration in their spells with practice. For example, Magic Missile at 50% Mastery delivers 1-4 (+1); at 100% delivers 1-4 (+2) damage. Duration spells last longer. Kormai's Spellmastery - Kormai was one of the original players and good friend on Realms of Annakolia - His system first appeared on Crimson Spire, a PW by Bloo (creator of the DMFI). These two PWs, Crimson Spire, and Reams of Annakolia, are the ONLY two worlds to ever have Kormai's system. Casters may practice spellcasting on some place-ables, such as signs. The closer a character gets to 100% mastery the harder it becomes to learn. This system is similar to the PnP learned skill system in Runequest. Mastery is calculated after each successful spell casting. Each spell has its own mastery level. In other words, a spellcaster can have 10% mastery in casting Magic Missile and have 50% mastery in casting Light, only because the spellcaster has successfully cast Light more times than Magic Missile. Kormai's Spellmastery Algorithm Current Spell Mastery (CSM) x 10 = Learning Target Mastery Roll = random number between 0 and 999 If a player rolls over their CSM the character successfully learns and gains mastery Here's an example, Bart the Wizard has been adventuring in the Bain Mountains and Dark Forest. He cast Protection from Elements on himself, his familiar, and his friends many, many times and has gained 75% mastery in the spell. His Learning Target is 75 x 10 = 750. When he successfully casts the spell, Bart must roll over 750 on a D1000 to learn. In other words, Bart has only a 25 % chance of learning each time he casts Protection from Elements. _________________
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