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Found 1 result

  1. The Annakolia Prestige Classes The Annakolia Prestige Classes were originally started as a project to include classes from the now long defunct server Crimson Spire into the world. Some classes indeed still have their roots in Bloo's Crimson Spire classes, however over time much has been altered and reworked. Also, with time a large number of classes have been added to the server. To this day forward work on the classes continues and I continue to try to improve them and also occasionally add something new. Lately, due to time constraints I haven't made any new classes and mostly focussed upon reworking what is already there. However, with 20+ new custom classes it will be some time before players have grown bored, especially in light of the versatility of certain classes. What follows below is an alphabetic list with classes and their basic requirements. For further information one can click on the name of the class which will link to a class specific topic which gives a description of the class and also of its abilities (were available/required).
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