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Found 1 result

  1. Queen Fina and King Tarrach charissa1066 Server Owner and Designer Joined: 04 Aug 2004 Posts: 4410 Posted: Fri Sep 17, 2004 12:53 am Post subject: Queen Fina and King Tarrach HRM Fina ingen Aeda, Queen of Annakolia A spirited and fiery woman, Queen Fina is dedicated to her people. Six years ago, she fought beside her husband, Tarrach, in the last Great Giant War. On the field of battle, she accepted the mantle of authority from her father, King Cariadoc. To this day she mourns him and wrestles with the futility of her attempts to revive her father. She blames herself despite the insistence of her advisors that his time to leave this world had come. Cariadoc passed over her older brother, Prince Emrys, who was in line to be king. On his death-bed, he renounced Emrys as unfit and gave rule of the kingdom to Fina and Tarrach. HRM Tarrach Alfson, King of Annakolia The son of the late King Cariadoc�s weapon master, Tarrach grew up at court. Wherever the royal family traveled, Tarrach�s family went. Princess Fina and Tarrach knew each other from childhood. Many times Tarrach protected Fina from the relentless teasing of her older brother, Prince Emrys. Tarrach, also, taught her how to protect herself. They studied and played together. Over the years, Fina and Tarrach�s friendship deepened into love. Six years ago, they married with King Cariadoc and Queen Irena�s blessings. In the midst of the wedding feast, a runner arrived from Fingar and the outskirts of Port City. Giant armies massed near Fingar. Would Port City come to Fingar�s aid? Tarrach and Fina took arms against the giants. Side-by-side they fought. King Caiadoc lead his troops into the battle. Hundreds fell on that day. The King himself was grievously wounded, but the giant armies lay defeated. _________________
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