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Found 2 results

  1. 1. First of all, buy a Book of Summons (Jania, at Annakol North Road, near the Feisty Chicken Inn, sells one) 2. Make sure the custom summons are enabled in the book of summons. You would be surprised of how many people would forget that back in the day. 3. Bookmark an empty slot in your book 4. See the level number in the summon name (eg.: White Tiger, level 5)? You must cast on the ground, near the target (NOT directly on it) the summon creature spell of the level of the creature or higher to capture (to capture said white tiger level 5, you must cast Summon Creature V or higher). Any source will do: directly by yourself, scrolls, items, you name it. (also, the creature has a reflex save to not be captured. the DC is your character level, iirc) 5. If all goes well, eventually the monster will be captured and readily avaliable to use, rename and what not. To summon your creature, cast the Summon Creature spell, but this time, the level must be equal to the monster level. (again, in the White Tiger, level 5 example, you MUST use Summon Creature V. This time VI and above won't do.)
  2. Wolfgang_1066 DM/Contributor/Designer Joined: 05 Aug 2004 Posts: 102 Posted: Sun May 29, 2005 10:55 pm Post subject: Hannah's Magic Cats About 100 years ago, there was a gnome wizard, Hannah Bengel, who lived in Gnomar isolated from others. She lived with ten cats and a few kittens. They all played while keeping Hannah happy. One day she was preparing potions and something went wrong. There was an explosion. The cats seemed unaffected except for some potion splashed on them. Hannah lay motionless on the floor. Rain and thunder raged outside. The cats tried to help her but to no avail. She was dead. The cats were very sad and went out to Gnomar. Strangely, some found they could do magic, some found they were very strong, and others found that their singing worked magic. All of them found themselves intelligent enough to understand humanoid speech. These cats prospered. To this day Hannah's Magic Cats bred with normal cat families and spread thoughout Annakolia and Galandar itself. Not many of the cats know of their past. They do know that somehow they can do magic deeds. Four of the Hannah's first original cats, Jessie, Marvin, Vallerie, and Ashi, came on the ship to Annakolia with a few of their kittens. It is their descendents who keep alive the memory of Hannah Bengel. Original post by: DM Doomcat (Wolfgang)
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