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  1. Slowly I remember my days playing basketball. Take your time, Charissa. Pick a nice book and read it for the knee. He'll love it, :)
  2. I'm lucky, I can see it nicely from where I live. I don't have a telescope, unfortunately. It looks like you can spot one of Jupiter's moons with a good camera:
  3. I don't know if it's possible for everyone to see, but here in Brazil it's possible to see Jupiter near the moon. It's located on the east, where the sun rises. Just look at the moon and search for a bright star. It's Jupiter. Right now Jupiter seems to be above the moon.
  4. Chapter three Types of Undead The undeads are divided in two big groups. i) Activated Undeads. These are the ones that becomes activated by an exterior force, like skeletons and some zombies. In this sense, there's no difference between an skeleton and an animated chair, as both returns to inactivity as soon as their energy is supressed. Because of this, they're the least dangerous kind of undead. It's unlikely that they have a soul. ii) Self-activated undeads. These are the most dangerous kind of undead. Somehow, they found a way to activate themselves. Vampires, liches, wrait
  5. Chapter 2 The necromantic states of substance i) Inactive Inactive is the substance that can't host life. Stones, steel and water are examples of inactive substances. These can't be affected by necromantic powers. ii) Active Active is substance that host natural or artificial life. Live and healthful bodies are actives, as well as plants. Supression energy affects the active substance. iii) Necroinactive Necroinactive is the substante that was hostess of natural life, but is not more. This kind of substance doesn't have any kind of activity and is on decomposition process. D
  6. After a long time, I finally begin writing the first chapter of my book about necromancy and the "undead". It took a lot of time and observation, but now I think I could make up a nice first chapter, that works as an introduction. I don't know where this will lead me, or if people will find it useful, but now I need to finish it. Chapter one - Introduction The study of the necromancy has been antagonized and even forbidden in the most diverse types of society. Thanks to that, terms like "Black Magic", "Undead" and "Negative Energy" became very popular and -- at the same time -- frightf
  7. I'm reading the portuguese translation. It's two huge volumes with 1200 pages each. However, the text is soft to the point you don't get tired reading. Here's the english translation. And, ahn, Haryon is a philosopher? And no one wants to kill him because of that? Oh yes, Glory wants to kill him... I think.
  8. I'm currently reading two books. One for myself, other one due to work. For myself I'm reading Musashi, by Eiji Yoshikawa. It tells the story of the greatest and wisiest japanese warrior, called Miyamoto Musashi. It's a beautiful book that can be read by anyone. For work, I'm reading The Antichrist, by Nietzsche. It's a polemic book where Nietzsche discuss christianism and the foundation of moral at the ocident. I'm reading it with my students. At firat they made a face when they heard we would be reading Nietzsche, but they're slowly getting into it. It's a hard and dense book, a wor
  9. Thank you! And sorry for being a sly devil, hahahaha *shame*
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