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  1. I am sorry for such short notice, but I am not feeling well and will miss todays game. I have been taking tablets to try and feel better, but with no noticeable effect. Its nothing major, just a severe migraine. But for anyone who suffers them, I hope you can understand that staring at a computer screen is probably not wise. My apologies.
  2. Barry, if I am not mistaken.... Feisty Chicken game is today. It was the Halfling game you missed. I stood on server for 45 minutes after game time started and nobody turned up, so it was not only you. However, with that said.... I will not be at the Feisty Chicken game today as it is a little show called 'The Eurovision Song Contest'.
  3. Good to see you Noa. Maybe I will not recognise noa when she comes riding in on her bear companion..... at least, I think Bears are one of the ridable mounts now. A lot has happened since last we saw you. I look forward to meeting up in-game.
  4. As some of you may be aware, it is the Royal Wedding on the 29th April and much of Britain will be celebrating. I will also be celebrating the marriage of Prince William and Kate Middleton, so I will be unable to DM this week. My apologies for this inconvenience.
  5. It was not a problem Charissa. Instead of the halfling game, I ran a replacement game for level 30 to 40's. Dave_fanof4, Malishara, Neorebel and Sol Arbriel played. The game touched upon the disappearance of Darla Drowbane, and revealed the Baroness' secret to three of the four players (Mal had to leave early due to storms). So, now more people are aware of the monster behind the Baroness, and her need to find a new body to occupy. I did not want to host the usual halfling game without its main cast members. Halfling games without Tom, Peony and Violet are like coffee without water. :lol:
  6. Thankyou. *swaps the pies, just in case* :P
  7. It has come to my attention from a vaguely unreliable source that America may have changed their times for daylight saving reasons already. Since the UK has not, I thought I should check how this affects games. If there is one surefire way of confusing me, its timezones. *mumbles something about Greenwich being the centre of the universe, and how only the UK has clocks that tell the correct time*
  8. First Name - Igrom Surname - ?? Age - ?? Race - Human Class - Fighter/Rogue Alignment - CN Personality - Igrom has a short temper and is quick to strike out. Lacking in a sense of humour, he can be easily mistaken as an evil man. He is stubborn and single-minded, relentless when he puts his mind to a task. Igrom will never talk about his past or his family. Appearance - Igrom is a very intimidating man with a powerful muscular build and a huge two-handed greatsword strapped to his back. Adorned with a variety of tattoos, notably the ones on his face (and his apparent inability to smile) he has the air of a man who appears unapproachable. Background - Igroms father was a city guard in Tharbad, and a hopeless alcoholic. Raised under the tyranny of his inebriated 'role model', Igrom often found he had to shield his mother and younger sister from his fathers frequent drunken rages. This instilled in him from an early age the idea that it was acceptable to hit people, but curiously made him protective over those who could not (or would not) hit back. At the age of 15, Igrom discovered that he had inherited his fathers rage. Upon returning home, he discovered his sister nursing a black eye. Without asking questions, he attacked his father and beat him badly. However, he was unprepared for his mothers disgust at his actions. She told him that he was just making matters worse, and that he was never to strike out at his father again. Unable to promise this, he left home instead. Igrom then, after declaring himself homeless, started mixing with a bad crowd. With his new friends, he robbed and terrorised travellers on the roads to and from Tharbad and surrounding villages. This lifestyle continued for almost 10 years, in which time he acquired numerous tattoos that he liked to display openly as a mark of his seperation from society. However, his life changed when he witnessed one of his 'gang' threatening a woman by holding a knife to her child. Igrom struck out at his colleague and escorted the woman and child back to Tharbad. It was the start of his 'quest for redemption'. The woman explained that she was seeking 12 'Star Gems' and promised that Igrom would find forgiveness for all his past crimes if he undertook her quest. She was pleased when he accepted without question, and informed him that the Star Gems were ancient gems which held magical powers when brought together. Current Quests - Igrom relentlessly seeks the Star Gems. He claims to have once seen one, but it was held by a child that turned into a demon and fled. The truth is, Igrom could not persuade the child to give the gem to him. Nor could he bully or intimidate the child. The girl did NOT turn into a demon, though she did tease him terribly and promised to give the gem to him for the cost of a natural smile. Character Portraits - Link to portrait on nwvault
  9. Hello Charissa. I thought I would sneak in and people may not notice me, but 'eyes of a hawk' you have. :)

  10. *peeks around a corner* *darts back into the shadows leaving a space where once something valuable stood*
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