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  1. Mike-Happy.bmpMike-BD.bmpMike-M.bmp in other words: HAPPY BIRTHDAY MIKE :D also: during the construction of your happy birthday we ran into a little problem with the local forest rangers...heres a picture of the place: Mike-Forestfire.bmp there was even this silly bear in a hat >.> Mike-Happy.bmp
  2. Wolfgang


    Hey, Welcome to Annakol :D hope you enjoy your stay!
  3. Posted in the Annakol Gazette and on Bulletin boards in Annakol. Leonard Raventower seeks Strong, Intelligent, and Agile persons for ongoing work. Persons who are interested should inquire at the Raventower House, near House of Elatar Fashions on the next of Earthday at one past noon. We shall have our high day meal and we shall discuss terms of service. (OOC: Earthday is Thursday ;) at Noon EST [1:00 pm])
  4. I agree with what has been said already, but i think it should also be mentioned that, to play a Drow character, you require to submit an application. not that I'm saying you cant try and play one, just that if you want to your going to have to think up a short application to send in. otherwise the ideas look interesting! really, what i do when i feel like trying a new character is that i make one. it doesn't have to have a plan or a purpose, i just have a single idea that comes into my head and i base around it, then evolve from there. sure sometimes it doesn't turn out, sometimes it
  5. Just going to chip in here; First of all: Mining doesn't require any special tools, you can do it with: Longswords, Bows, Anything. they just have some Damage Reduction, to counter that you can use spells such as Magic Missile, or use weapons with elemental damages (Acid, Fire, Cold, to name a few) you should do fine. One thing to note on your Biography, I dont believe we have Sehanine Moonbow in our Pantheon. We do have quite a few gods and goddesses, you can look at them here: http://www.annakolia.org/forums/index.php?/topic/50-religious-overview/ and lastly, about getting caught f
  6. Happy Birthday Raven :D come over here so i can give you your cake... er...ignore the scribblings on the wall, come along now!
  7. hmm...seems like two out of the first three screenshot threads are of people sticking swords through themselves, i wonder if this will become a theme... oh, and i love how the Tailor shop owner (Tala isn't it? i cant remember) just watches :P
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