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  1. I don't know about you guys but I'm excited about the new game. I mean it’s taking place in the Forgotten Realms after the plague, in one of the coolest parts of the realm. It’s using the new rule set which is fun and exciting. The developers are trying to create a new genre of game that nobody’s doing yet and they have a number of people in that California office that have played or are still playing NWN. Hey when I was playing AOL’s Neverwinter Nights online a lot of people didn’t think NWN would be any good. Those guys at IGN are just being nitpicky and frankly don’t know what they are talking about. #1 D&D has not gone downhill since 4th edition, in fact it has grown. #2 Cryptic Studios has in fact done a good job on their past projects. I’m one of the first guys to yell at someone for labeling fallout like games or any crpg that doesn’t allow you to role-play an RPG, but to assume this early on that this will be a bad product is unfair. Will this be NWN? No…Will this be a D&D tabletop substitute? No…What will it be? A new experience to play something brand new.
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