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  1. I assume this refers to exchange of words between me and Mal last week while waiting for game to start, seeing that I did not see any other PC/DM skirmish and am not aware of other games this might happen, so I figured I'd speak my mind clear of it. First of all, I was, and I still am a sarcastic person. Nothing I said there was spoken seriously, but sarcastic joking towards Mal's behavior(including lightning strikes and killing me) But regarding of that, I'd expect DMs to be able to handle response similar to their own behavior. I've heard, and been target of, lots of jokes from DMs here
  2. Alright. All files needed: http://www.annakolia.org/ann_dl.html First things first, you need Neverwinter Nights Diamond edition. Download latest patch and patch your game before installing any haks, CEP or anything. (1.69) Install newest version of CEP Download Annakol full hak set Download all updates(just to be safe) First extract Full hak set, then patches in order from oldest to youngest. Place .hak files into hak folder, .tlk files in tlk folder. Folders are located in your Neverwinter Nights folder .hak and .tlk are file types, so if you can't see them after file's name
  3. Welcome to the server DevilDriver. Yes, server may seem a little empty sometimes, as playerbase for NWN isn't huge, even smaller for RPers. But, there's always atleast few times when people are guaranteed to be on, with propably best for you being weekly feisty chicken game on saturday, 23.00 GMT +0. There's always some of us on there, looking forward to seeing you ingame. What problems are you having? If you can describe them, I'll do my best to help with it. Regards, Demolicious
  4. Apologies for not being in game today, had to visit hospital, and trip took longer than I assumed.
  5. Hello Ania, and welcome to server! Though Vatorres and Barry here answered your questions quite through already, I thought to share some opinions and suggestions myself. Starting with character creation: As said, anything apart vanilla races requires application. List of races that you can apply for is quite large. There are satyrs, pixies, brownies and whatever. Only race I remember that's not allowed is vampire, so easiest way to figure it out is to to send character application and ask. One thing though, I'd advise to not apply for(if you prefer that kind of char) evil aligned clas
  6. Creatures I'm referring to, are Annakolia custom made elves that spawn every now and then. They are always hostile to me atleast. And they're normal elfs, not drow. Name is elf shaman.
  7. Issue: Invisible torsos on elf shamans Location: Encountered in southern desert, area: off the beaten path Details: Elven shamans I encountered on that area all have their torso armor template/mesh/whatever-it's-called missing, so their torso area doesn't appear.
  8. Question regarding MoM time and daylight savings. With all you americans actually already having daylight savings, will game times also now be set according to changed clock? Just asking becouse here in Europe we haven't actually had savings yet, so I need to know if everything will be 1h later for me or not. (come to think of it, this actually touches all games, not just MoM)
  9. As Mike hasn't replied for over week, I'll just set this up. Name: Uderin Nermastacia Race: Half-elf Class: Sorcerer Occupation: Alchemist City of Origin: Tharbad Brief bio: Well dressed, elegant, polite half-elf from Tharbad. Since his childhood, Uderin always had interest in alchemy, usually experimenting with every idea, regardless of its safety. His self-taught profession caused problems with his neighbours, so Uderin left Tharbad to look for place to continue his experimenting.
  10. Toght to mention. I did encounter same problem after I managed to accidentally get myself into the village of lost. Fixed it by changing nwnmain.exe priority to high trough -task manager-process-change priority- So if anyone encouters same problem, I'd suggest trying that first. Seems like areas where nwn crashes to some people are more memory intense than others, so changing their priority allows them to be run. EDIT: close task manager after changing the priority, or it may crash.
  11. Im amused. After that comment, I checked the files in this "CEP 3.0" and 2.4. And quess what? They are identical. Download I used was in NWNvault, but I can't seem to find it anymore. Seems to have been removed. I suddenly feel like it's better for me to just keep my mouth shut about anything.
  12. Not official, but I propably can offer a helping hand. Generally, if not knowing exactly what files are missing, easiest method is to redownload all files required. Just make sure you download newest patch(or if being paranoid like me, download all of them and apply in order from oldest to youngest) and it should work again. What version of CEP you have? If server hasn't been updated with CEP,(Annakol downloads states 2.4 and newest is 3.0) latest version might conflict with server files. Though Im using CEP 3.0 and have no problems(apart from weird missing meshes/textures on some few it
  13. Character name: Licios Class: cleric/wizard Race: human, male Description: Slighty taller than normal human, slim build that makes him look taller than he is, pale skin, silent Personality: sarcastic, usually serious, distrustful Age: 27 Licios doesn't remember his family. He was given at young age to a "remote monastery admist snow-filled mountains", as he describes it. There he was to be trained as cleric, and that's the only place he remembers of his homeland. It had been tradition is his family, so he was told, to give one child of each generation to be trained as cleric, and so
  14. I noticed. Got my character idea trough, exept attempt to get blackguard approved. Now Im just waiting for response to use evil alignment, due to Planar spells(alignment based summoning) If that won't go trough, I'll have to think my character over again. I know it isn't easy to get "evil" aligned character trough at start, but as I personally don't believe in concept of "good" and "evil", I generally prefer to play characters usually concidered "evil", just to challenge stereotype that they are always "Evil". I'll be seen online once I get my response, whatever it is.
  15. 3 days, 2 replys, this feels like another christmas. Jokes aside, thanks for the welcome.(how come everyone immediately shortens my name to demo?) Thought to give few suggestions on building up the player base. I've been moderator for about half a year now on decent sized gaming community, so I've had my share of these kind of situations. First, I would suggest fixing up the server homepage. Last update is atleast 1 year old, and there are multiple typing mistakes on the site, mainly "dieties" and down loads" Thee are small things, but really turn back potential players, when I firs
  16. "...and pull seemed to grow stronger. Here, in eternal darkness below the monastery, sense of being called grew, as if something spoke to him from library's halls. These halls had been always sealed from all but oldest of monks, and the presence felt closer here. He was terrified, but the call grew louder and he couldn't resist. It seemed as if darkness guided him as he walked, finally revealing ancient pedestal in farthest reaches of lightless halls. And there lay a single book, black as night itself, it's silvery ornamets forming five-pointed star..." Sorry, got bit carried away there. I
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