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  1. I should be available until 9pm CST tonight. I do daycare during the day and work overnight as an in-home caregiver for the elderly (yeah, some days never end....literally). I'm workin overnight the rest of the week, so if we can't meet up this week, we'll get together next week.
  2. Yeah! I don't know what's harder to believe, that Jo is 13 or that, between CS and RoA, we've been playin together for 10 yrs!!!! :blink:
  3. *Aunika wakes uneasily in unfamiliar surroundings with heavy quilts draped across her form. The mattress supporting her is so excessively soft she finds it difficult to get out of bed. Her brows furrow as she tries to move. Her arms, leg, and back are stiff and ache. The only light in the room emminates from a fire crackling in the fireplace on the far wall. Unfamiliar voices are heard beyond the door to her room. Aunika startles to realize that the drab off-white robe she is dressed in is not her own. Suddenly, she hears a faint rap on the door. Light spills into the room as the door opens an
  4. Sounds great Barry. Sounds like Aunika needs a GPS too LOL That's the only thing that keeps me from gettin lost! When is a good time for a tour? My schedule is pretty unforgiving anymore, but I can squeeze time out for this.
  5. Hey Charissa...Barry! You wont believe this but Jo is 13 now! She's created an account as "Firestar101" and the player is Annika Merendyn. Jordan wants her to be Aunika's daughter, but she created her character as being 113,so I'm trying to talk her into little sister. Wow! Sorta changes the story line a little for Aunika! :blink: I've got some serious journal writing to do on this one! BTW, can you guys tell me how to get to Aunika's treehouse? I can't find it.
  6. Oh alright, but just this once! help me find her house and we'll make it twice!! :)
  7. *raises a brow* uh....make that level 15 Whoa,cool!
  8. *stretches almost violently* Oy! 5,000 years will give you such a crink in the neck! ~Genie, Aladdin Been nearly 6 years since I've played regularly. I don't even think HH will recognize me HA! Only noa's mild-tempered, good-natured mega character can hold at level 16 for almost 5 years! I miss ya all, so I'm comin back.....and there's nothing you can do about it :-P *instantly grovels at the feet of the omnipotent DM's* Just....dont kill her, k?
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