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  1. I have my grand kids over May 11th. I could attend later, after they go to bed. Probably around the 10pm range I'd be showing up. Every other weekend the kids come over, I could try to make the 18th at an earlier time. Mac
  2. Hello, Just looking for a DM or two, that might be interested in overseeing a game on Realms of Annakolia. Well, actually, more than a few players are also needed. I'm leaving the date open, so it can be set for maximum attendence. Although, a Fiesty Chicken episode does sound good to me, Saturday's being generally open for me. I don't have a preference on level, character, story, etc. Just would like to play a good game with good people, and good DM's, on a server I've had many good times on. Reply if interested, the more the merrier. Mac
  3. Quick question that was posed to me by another player. Does the Traveling Merchant create items for sale, or does he have a special store that only Merchants can access? Thanks, Mac
  4. I work nights in the U.S. and try to log in after 3am eastern time. If you see me in game, send a tell. Mac
  5. I've been logging in around 330a on Tues thru Sat mornings. Send a tell if you see me in game, I prefer to travel around with company.

  6. A last minute trip to Applebee's for half price appetizers has delayed this adventure until 12a, eastern time. Mac
  7. A new PS3 game, Rockstar, has gobbled up most of my time of late. However, I'm feeling a need to RP again. I'll try to get on around 11p Easterm time Saturday, 1/14/12, if anyone is interested/able to stay up that late. Mac
  8. It's been a while, but I'm interested in studying again, Feather. Can you remind me of the ciriculum and schedule? Thanks, Mac
  9. Welcome Demolicious. I hope you give the server a shot. Might be best to start with a regular character before applying for a special one. Too many have come before for them to hand out special requests without seeing you in action, so to speak. Once establishing yourself as a competent RP'er, the sky's the limit(except evil, see the rules and guidelines). Hope to see you in game sometime soon. Mac Player Admin
  10. Came by late for the Feisty Chicken. Ran into three players and joined them on a trip through Talos's temple. Had a good time, especially when dm Feather joined the server. i miss the place and will be back again soon. mac
  11. Hello, I'm known as Mac to my friends and live close to Tampa, Fl. Hence the tampamac login. I've been playing here for the better part of 4 years. I've met lots of people, had lots of fun, and look forward to more of the same. I would love to get in another campaign here, sadly my availability has been lacking of late. I've enjoyed many campaigns here, I think at one time I was in four at one time, all on the same server. Having signed up for the new forum, (here), I'll promise to come visit more often. Hope to see you in Annakolia soon. Mac
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