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  1. has new Tink jeans!! yay!!

  2. Thanks, will try there tonight, and let you know what Sari sees, she's level 12. Are the tables lavel variable, or the same for all?
  3. As we have a book section for reviews, I thought why not movies? Kaitlinn bought me Tinkerbell and the Great Fairy Rescue Sunday, and I was so entranced that I had to watch it twice!! I would especially recommend this film if you've little girls, the fairies are truly adorable, and unlike many animated features they do not seem to push the Must Buy the Toys things so much. As for the film itself, the animations are stunning, the fairies beautiful, and the plot simple and engaging, without any scariness or crude humor that accompanies some kid's movies. Cara Dillon, the incredible Irish folk singer, is the Narrator, and performs two short songs as well, giving this film set near London a bit of a Celtic flavour. Of the three tinkerbell movies, I think that I like this one the best, the only flaw being its brevity, at 77 minutes. I suppose with young children perhaps that is best? Anyways, anyone that is a fan of Tinkerbell, or fairies, this movie is worth either buying, or certainly the rental if not. Just remember: Faith, Hope, and Pixie Dust!! PS How could I not log on Annakolia and play my pixie bard after viewing this??
  4. I just completed reading "The Gathering Storm", Book 12 of the Wheel of Time fantasy series by Robert Jordan, and now Brandon Sanderson, as Mr Jordan sadly passed away in November of 2007 before completing this series, in my opinion the second greatest fantasy world of all, next to Middle Earth. The Wheel of Time is to most fantasy series what Annakolia is to most Neverwinter Nights servers: lush and full of vivid characters, landscapes, plots, and details, as opposed to bland generic concepts of most fantasy authors. In the first 12 books of the planned 14, each person becomes fleshed out, whether hero or villain, sidekick or hated foe. The towns, the countries of Jordan and now Sanderson's world could be stepped into from ours so easily, I feel. Give this series a chance if you have not, but be warned, it is very addictive, and offers many thousands of pages of immersive reading. I firmly believe that one hundred years from now, at universities Robert Jordan will be regarded as one of the grandest writers of our time, and a legend in the field of fantasy
  5. Makes me think of back home in Ireland, with the rock walls that have been there for centuries, and family agreements on pastures about as long. too, of cycling near Killarney, and so often waiting for the sheep to cross the road, the wee lambs scampering about.
  6. Special thanks to the Girl Rangers and their grand roleplay last eve with Sari, it was extremely fun!!
  7. My only concerns about rust monsters are these, as a long time dm and former Gm: 1. Lag issues, if they spawn too close then switching to missle weapons can fail easily, and you lose everything, all your kit and weapons 2. Are these the bugged rust monsters, that devour anything whether metal or not? Back on my old server, we had these, and banned their use due to that. 3. Luckily here fairly decent gear and weapons can be bought in stores, and gold is not so hard to gather. However, I worry for others now with unique items, or myself in the hopeful future, about these randomly destroying treasured items, made with the use of roleplay gems, just on an encounter table whim...
  8. I wonder as kait has if any DM's or other players have interest in an elven group, or a rogue/thief group? I've seen lovely areas for the elves, and grand roleplay potential, and there is the thieves' guild in Annakol that I could see being fun. I'm old enough to have read Anne Logston's Shadow series about thieves, and to have seen old reruns of the Robert Wagner show on the telly, "It takes a Thief" Without a dm being involved though, most thieving abilities become harder to roleplay. Anything from burglary, espionage, spying, con games, all fit under rogues, bards, and shadow dancers rather well? As for elves? With the lovely cities that there are, and myriad of classes and such to fit elven roleplay, it seems a shame for us not to be for engaging them more fully?
  9. I greatly appreciate the efforts of Barry and Malishara here, and the thoughtful comments of everyone else. I'm not trying to just vent and complain, but indeed improve things for myself and other potential new players, as what to do after level 7 or so outside of scheduled group events is a concern. People have been inviting me to join them in things, I greatly appreciate that. I also know though from playing playing my old epics on my old server that sometimes it's fun to play them, and if 4 are on playing epics, it's not fair to ask everyone to switch because I am relatively new. So, for those times, or the times when no one or few others are on, I am trying to establish for myself and others just what the best course is for having fun then as well, and not to get splattered . Dying is fine, if on roughly even terms, or if I wander into the wrong area willingly, pushing Sari or Da'aaga, my pixie bard's limits. I kind of like dying then, because it means there's a challenge. Fighting something for 5, ten rounds, then losing is fun, you can try to plan how to improve, take it another time, with new tactics. Getting one shotted, instakilled, by a wandering monster or epic unseen trap is rougher. Then for Sari all the travel time, and 500 xp's are gone, and it feels pointless. It's the CR 25+ things as previously discussed that get disheartening, and steps are being taken to see they they are not in 'lower' areas, greatly appreciated. On the party issue, with some of the previous random spawns, I do not think a party of 4-6 characters would fare much grander than Sari, as something with +45 or better to hit, AC of 40+, and dealing base damage of 30 per hit would simply result in a total party kill, rather than just Sari. Add in abilities like finger of Death, and it grows more difficult, unless someone has the cleric with death ward to buff everyone.
  10. I was in the Bree Crypt, with Sari, level 10, rogue wizard 6/4. I was fighting Mummies, greater mummies, doom knights, a good fun challenge, then hello, brown back drider, +53 to hit, dead Sari. Yes, I was solo, but I don't think a party of five, balanced, of level 10-14 characters could face that. And something like that, seeming like most driders, you have no idea they are epic. Sari has +19 to hit, and rolled a 19, so the drider must have an AC of 39+. Are these epic spawns random, where they just appear suddenly, or set piece? I've talked to other players, who don't seem to run into the things that I do as much, at the same level. I can try screen shots? If I know that "Oh, the Bree Cave is the Brown back Drider lair, so don't go there", then I would not, if things like this are boss encounters.
  11. My main character right now is Sari Brightleaf, 8th level, rogue/wizard 4/4. I have asked DM Malishara where to go now, and had two places suggested, the Bree Caves, and the Caves of Chaos. Unfortunately, very high level monsters are spawning on the way to both, and too close to even flee. 1. On the way to Bree, in Daylight on the road, 12 forest trolls swarmed me, instakill. 2. On the way to the Caves of Chaos this evening, a fire giant cleric pops up, swings twice, instakill. "Well Anna, you need to party up" I would dearly love to do so, but for two reasons: a. Often times lately there are few players, b. and when there are others on, they all are playing in the 22-35 level range, which negates partying. According to my notes, I am now down 14,800 xp's from dying with Sari. Some of that is legit, from me wanting to find an elven town to vist, and dying while seeing the world. But much of it is from things spawning in what I have been told are low level areas, or deadly to epic traps in low level dungeons. I do not mind dying in a good fight, or when I do so when trying to learn more of Annakolia the hard way. But high level spawns and traps in low areas I feel are unjust and ruin the fun, and I ask for this to be examined, discussed, and possible remedies. Thanks, Anna
  12. My future bladesinger Granuiale, currently a fighter/bard of 4/3, seems to be doing well enough from having played her a bit last eve. I too used to struggle in my previous sojourn here with archer dreams, I had liked the wind sniper idea, but learned as Kait has that except as a sidekick in most cases with hardcore difficulty archers will be shredded. *shrugs* From what little I have seen of magical items thus far I think it will balance out, between what's available to be found or bought, possible future crafting of such unique items, and the existing baking and all. It's when the challenge is harsh and also an admin/DM team limits players that the problem is bad, really, and that is not the case on Annalolia.
  13. Anna


    I feel like that first night of the semester, going bout the room with introductions... I never quite am knowing what to say! I'm Anna, Irish born and now American as of December of 2009, attending Monmouth University in New Jersey to hopefully receive my Master's degree in Liberal Arts. After that, I hope to seek my PhD while adjunct teaching...someplace, hopefully in the Northeastern US. As long as me and my love are together and happy as we both pursue such, that's what's important, aye? I have played Dungeons and Dragons since 1977, just after having finished reading The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings at the young age of eight that summer. My cousin Darrell had brought the game home from the states, and I begged and begged until he (then 13) and his friends let his pesky young cousin play too. Within a few years I was dm'inmg, loving to tell the stories, and have now played and dm'd Dungeons and Dragons, pnp and nwn, for some thirty odd years now. I've also tried my hand at Shadowrun, Vampire and Werewolf, Top Secret, Call of Cthullu (sp), if you can roleplay, I have tried it. My only peeve really with a game is when they bring gunpowder to a fantasy world, just really irks me and all. I have cameo'd on Annakolia before, dipping my toe in the waters, but was rather enmeshed in another server that I had first tried online some 3.5 years ago, first as player, then dm,finally as Host and GM the last bit of time. It was both the best and worst gaming of my life, experience wise, and I've learned a lot about myself, and people in general from it. The end was a bit dreadful, and I nearly walked away from gaming entirely, until Kait talked me into giving here a last go. Character and story wise? Having decided to stop growing at four foot eleven, and having a wee point to my ears I am told, I have loved elves and fairies since I was wee and all. My first character ever was an elf, back in the day before 1st edition where being an elf made you a de facto fighter/magic user. Since then, likely 90% of my characters have been elves or half elves, tending towards rogues and mages. As I write this I am listening to Blackmore's Night's Ghost of a Rose, between them and Cara Dillon if I had no other music I could be content, though enjoy lots of other things. With my Tinkerbell watch, earrings, and tee shirt, I suppose I'm quite her fan, at least according to the Neverland Restraining Order... *giggles* I look forward to meeting you all, both here and in game!!
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